A Stained Glass Rosary: Book Review

I’m so happy to receive A Stained Glass Rosary available at Thy Olive Tree for review!

Kate has the BRILLIANT idea of semi-transparent textured die-cut stickers to place on each printed rosary tracker on each decade page. Her stickers are available in her shop: Rosary Bead Stickers

I couldn’t get the official stickers but used these Dollar Store pearl stickers to embellish the bead tracker on the cover, so that I can keep track with my left-hand fingers on the cover while I contemplate the beautiful Stained Glass artwork on each Mystery of the Rosary page.

This has already enhanced my daily rosary! I’ve also added the pearl bead stickers to The Cloak of St Joseph Novena, for the three Glory Be’s recited in between the special prayers of intercession through St. Joseph. You can get your own copy by emailing liturgical.latin{at}live{dot}ca

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