Know Thyself! {Card Game Review}

Know Thyself! The Game of Temperaments

Sophia Institute Press

So a number of my family members are a little skeptical about the Four Temperaments and personality theory. We’ve all had a few experiences of feeling a little pigeonholed by friends who have just discovered personality theories and are eager to apply them.


It was with a little hesitation that I introduced this game to my family as we gathered for Canadian Thanksgiving.

We found it quite interesting! As we had suspected, most of us ended up with a range of cards representing two or three of the primary personality Temperaments. This was a great reminder that most of us are a mix of the four temperaments!


Some of the cards seemed kind of negative. 

We gravitated towards the positive attributes, for a friendly, affirming family game!


It was pretty fun and made for great conversation and some good laughs as we guessed who chose which cards and which cards we liked best!



The game made me curious about this book
The Temperament God Gave You,
also published by Sophia Institute Press by Art and Laraine Bennett

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