Stations of the Cross for Kids {Book Review}

Stations of the Cross

Written by Regina Doman
Illustrated by Chris Lewis
Tan Books

This book is a wonderful resource to help kids pray the Stations of the Cross. It’s packed with detailed illustrations of each scene, references from Scripture, further explanation of the scene and reflection on what the people were doing and experiencing, a prayer asking for the virtues we learn from the Station as well as the prayer by St. Alphonsus Liguori and excerpts from the 13th century Latin hymn to Our Lady describing her experience as she suffered alongside her Son. Further insight into the Scripture (including foreshadowing prophecy from the Old Testament) and additional detail about the Catholic Devotion of the Stations offer deeper participation and understanding of this journey with Jesus through His Passion.

The illustrations beautifully articulate the scene, while not unduly graphic or disturbing for sensitive kids. There is so much information and different threads of prayer and reflection to follow throughout the Stations, that kids will learn something new every time! The book will definitely help to keep their attention throughout the prayer and reflection.

The reflections are specifically geared to kids, without compromising, dumbing down, or softening Jesus’ Sacrifice for our sins. The side-bar of text offers deeper insight into the events and parts of Jesus’ Passion. The reflections help us to recognize our Lord’s Love for us, while challenging kids to follow and serve Jesus; to be kind to others, and to be grateful for His Suffering for us.

Recommended Age: 5-10years, Kindergarten-grade 5

Stations of the Cross for Kids from Tan Books

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Stations of the Cross Crafts

Stations of the Cross Craft Kit (Votive Candles, Carousel, Accordian Book)
The Stations of the Cross with Kelly Saints Craft Kit includes FOUR sets of templates for various crafts with craft recommendations and instructions included!

Stations of the Cross Abacus with Divine Mercy

The Easy as Abacus Stations of the Cross Kit offers prayers and clipart to customize a Stations of the Cross Abacus made from a Dollarstore square framed canvas. The strung Pony beads are perfect for little fingers to count the 14 Stations of the Cross.
Includes several templates for the Stations of the Cross including a coloring page and summary sheet PLUS BONUS: Divine Mercy clipart, prayers and coloring page!

Prompt Me to Pray through Lent PDF
Prompt Me to Pray through LENT journeys through the Public Ministry of Jesus, beginning with the Temptations of Jesus and journeying through the events, teachings (parables), miracles, healings and Passion of Jesus.
Each of the 47 days, offers an illustrated Prompt to Pray.  We reflect on a Scriptural account of what Jesus did and taught, explore the virtue He exemplifies, and receive a Prompt to Pray, more consistently and from the heart!

Lenten Pack of Prayers 
The Hands-On Lenten Pack of Prayers Craft Kit includes coloring pages for the Stations of the Cross, the Rosary and the Divine Mercy along with specific prayer counter tools for each of the classic devotions including: Stations of the Cross Spinwheel, Rosary Prayer Counter, and Divine Mercy Prayer Counter.



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