Through the Year with Jesus {Book Review}


Through the Year with Jesus by Katherine Bogner is a beautifully illustrated hardcover book reflecting on the Gospel Readings throughout the entire year! The book begins with an explanation of the format of the book and how it presents the Life of Jesus in the order of the Liturgical Calendar. It also includes a note for Parents and Teachers, a guide to Lectio Divina (and Visio Divina -using Sacred Art) for Children, and a guide for praying the Rosary.

The Seasons of the Liturgical Calendar are introduced with an explanation and a quote from a favorite Saint.

Each week or Feast Day within the Seasons is presented with a Gospel passage and a reflection geared to children on what we can learn from the event in Scripture.

Classic Sacred Art is included for reflection, noticing the details and how the selected artwork shares the story.

Reflections Questions are included to further tap into the artwork, as well as the Scripture and reflection.

Each section has a sidebar of specific steps to guide us through Lectio Divina.

The week’s reflections are rounded out with a Live it Out section with recommendations to put what we’ve learned into practice, reflect thoughtfully on resolutions we can make to prepare our hearts, and draw closer to Jesus in prayer.

The book is beautifully presented with meaningful, thoughtful reflections on actual Scripture readings we are likely to hear at Sunday Mass.

The reflections are thought-provoking…and the perfect prompt to journal (and pray!)

The Sacred Art is carefully curated and beautifully printed in full color.

I think that this is an incredible resource for all ages!

This book makes an excellent Sacrament gift for particularly thoughtful First Communicants to grow into and eagerly use, week after week.
It is also a beautiful gift for Confirmandi (or RCIA candidates) to dig deeper into Scripture, reflect thoughtfully on the weekly Gospel readings and be well-grounded in the practice of Lectio Divina, Visio Divina, personal prayer, and prayer journaling.

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Thank you to Katherine Bogner and Emmaus Road Publishing for my copy of Through the Year with Jesus, in exchange for my honest review.
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