Around The Advent Wreath {Book Review}

Does your family’s enthusiasm for the Advent Wreath candlelighting and prayers ever wane as Christmas approaches?

5 Minute Prayers Around the Advent Wreath

by Lisa Hendey
Ave Maria Press

The Advent Wreath is a treasured tradition, but we haven’t always stuck with it for all four Sundays, let alone each day of Advent!

Around the Advent Wreath includes Scripture, Prayer, and thoughtful reflections for EACH day of Advent. This is a wonderful resource for all of us who launch into Advent with an Advent Wreath and a plan, but somehow lose enthusiasm for lighting the candles each Sunday as Christmas approaches.

I can’t wait to use this little gem to infuse new enthusiasm and focus into our favorite Advent family tradition!

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We have used an Advent Wreath year after year, sometimes using the artificial wreath we have in storage, sometimes arranging a wreath from live boughs! Purple and pink candles can sometimes be hard to find! We have used votives, tissue-wrapped or painted (white) votive candles or the easiest solution: white candles with a purple or pink bow!

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  1. We have been using this booklet since 2012 and it is AWESOME! Highly recommend. It really helps us enter into the devotion in a deeper way. Before that our advent wreath tradition was pretty all over the place.

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