Equipping Catholic Families with a Comprehensive Guide to Lenten Crafts and Family Traditions

This is our summary post of Lenten crafts and activities to bless your family Lenten journey.

Classic Lenten Activities and Family Traditions

First of all, check out our FREE craft tutorials for these classics!

Good Deed Bead Bracelets: A great way to get kids engaged in LENT prayer and sacrifice and good deeds!


FREE Tutorial: Good Deed Bead Bracelets for Lent!

Stepping Stones through Jesus’ Life


Weight-of-the-Cross-300x225Weight of the Cross is an easy (and free!) activity from A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families

If someone in your family is preparing for (or has just received) their First Reconciliation, this could be an extra special way to journey through Lent!

Heart_Cross_Banner-226x300Heart Cross Banner is another hands-on way to identify sin and virtue through Lent. It’s also an easy (and free!) activity from A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families

The Jesus Tree is a great way to learn, grow and pray each day throughout Lent. Introduce Scripture tracing the events of Jesus’ Life!Jesus-Tree-ready-to-go

The Lenten Sorrowful Mysteries Votive Candles were really fun to make with the Mysteries of the Rosary Craft Kit, but you could also make 14 of them with the Stations of the Cross Craft Kit!



Catholic Craft Kits


The Hands-On Lenten Pack of Prayers Craft Kit includes coloring pages for the Stations of the Cross, the Rosary and the Divine Mercy along with specific prayer counter tools for each of the classic devotions including the Stations of the Cross Spinwheel, the Rosary Prayer Counter and the Divine Mercy Prayer Counter.

Once laminated, the craft templates accommodate both lace-up and dry erase (coloring) prayer counting. The kit also includes 17 illustrated prayer cards including classic prayers as well as Lenten prayers for the Days of the Week. Available exclusively at the Arma Dei Shoppe: Hands-On Lenten Pack of Prayers Craft Kit 

Advent and Lent paper chains resuseable
Advent and Lent Quest Craft Kit:

Paper Chain Countdowns! THREE in ONE kit with Saint Bios, Catechism facts or Family Prayer Challenges. Laminate to use year after year…and really these can be used to count down to ANY Feast Day or Season, but they include some special ones just for Lent!

Easy as Abacus Stations of the Cross

An easy craft to help kids follow along through the prayers of the Stations of the Cross. All the clipart you need to make the Stations of the Cross Abacus…and the Divine Mercy Chaplet Abacus as well!

You can pick up the Easy as Abacus Stations of the Cross at the Arma Dei Shoppe

The Easy as Abacus Rosary is an awesome Catholic craft and tool to keep kids involved, saying the Rosary as a family! All our original artwork is included in the PDF!


The Mysteries of the Rosary Craft Kit is packed with innovative, kid-magnet illustrations and crafts to help kids say the Rosary! It includes lace-up booklets and our innovative revolving rosary…all packed with our original Kelly Saints artwork!

Paint the Stations


Have you seen our Stations of the Cross Craft Kit featuring the Kelly Saints? We’ve made a tabletop centerpiece, votive candles and other painted treasures…all with the FOUR different templates in this kit!

Stations of the CrossStations Votives


Works of Mercy Craft Kit

The Works of Mercy Craft Kit… featuring the Kelly Saints! More than 10 recommended crafts to make from FIVE different templates contained in the kit! You’ll love to see the Kelly Saints…tackling the Works of Mercy!

Make the Works of Mercy Carousel or Accordion tabletop display or craft unique Votive candles. The Divine Mercy Chaplet is in there too!

Need some extra PRAYER FOCUS this LENT?

I recommitted to saying the Daily Rosary about a year and a half ago. I was a reluctant rosary prayer for a couple of reasons, but finally felt convicted that if Our Lady is asking us to say the Rosary, that’s just what we should do! I tend to say my decades of prayers throughout the day. I still find myself kind of distracted and not praying as focused or meditative as I’d like, but I’ve returned to wearing a Good Deed Bead Bracelet


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