Stations of the Cross: Kelly Saints Style!



The Stations of the Cross with Kelly Saints Craft Kit includes FOUR sets of templates for various crafts with craft recommendations and instructions included! The black and white set is perfect as a coloring book…and also a great opportunity to introduce watercolor painting!

Paint by Saint Stations of the Cross


I used my new Sakura XNCW-24N 24-Piece Koi Assorted Water Colors Field Sketch Set with Brush* and I just can’t recommend it enough! The refillable paint brush is so fun to use, especially as you learn how to control the amount of water and paint! Everything comes in this handy little travel pack! I don’t include affiliate links for the sake of including affiliate links…I just really enjoy this product and I’m pretty sure you will too.

Stations of the Cross Carousel Craft

Once watercolored, I assembled the templates into the Stations of the Cross Carousel. It shows all 14 Stations, plus the Resurrection and the Divine Mercy images… all in this compact turnstyle centerpiece for the table. It easily slides off the dowel and folds flat for storage so that it’s in good shape for next year!

DIY Stations of the Cross Votive Candles

Templates are also included at various sizes for as votive candle inserts! The colored templates can be mod-podged in place on the exterior of the glass (you may want to hairspray the image if you’ve printed it at home). Alternatively, the cut images can be carefully inserted and tacked in place to the inside of the glass, and illuminated by a tealight. Battery operated tealights are available at the dollarstore…for an even safer version!

New! Stations of the Cross Craft Kit with Kelly Saints!

Available only as a PDF Printable: $12

Now includes FOUR sets of templates:

  • 3.75″x5″ full color
  • 3.75″x5″ B&W
  • 2.5″ round full color “Cake Topper Templates”
  • 2″ square full color “Votive Candle Templates”


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