Sorrowful Mysteries: DIY Lenten Votive Candles


A few months ago, I gathered all of our exhausted-but-blessed votive candles and recycled them with Super Saints templates from our Catholic Craft Kit Kelly Saints Blessing Cards

…you can see them here: Recycled Votive Candles.

I still had a few cleaned votive candle jars, but had run out of leftover candle stubs and decided to give real candle-making supplies a try!

Using a 40% off coupon, I invested in a package of 27 bars of wax and a spool of candle wick.

Stations of the Cross vs Sorrowful Mysteries

I figured I could make 14 Stations of the Cross Votive Candles using this craft kit: Stations of the Cross Craft Kit, but since a bunch of us are re-committing to the daily rosary, I decided to make candles for just the 5 Sorrowful Mysteries!

I ended up using the full (water)color Sorrowful Mysteries (complete with virtue to pray for) from the Kelly Saints Mysteries of the Rosary Craft Kit. I think I may even swap out different Mysteries as we progress through the liturgical calendar, depending on how long these candles last!

I used rubber cement to secure the images, so they will be easy to remove and replace as needed!

If you want a more finished look with a little more durability, you can cover the image with wax paper and adhere it to the jar with a hair dryer like we did here:  Recycled Votive Candles.

I melted the bars of wax in a cookie tin resting in a pot of water and brought it to a boil. Just use oven mits when holding the hot cookie tin of melted wax!

I used metal clips I found in the garage to weigh down the wick, tying each wick to a dowel (or pencil!)  resting on the top of each jar.


I used the remaining wax to fill smaller votive candles for an upcoming Stations of the Cross craft!


Look familiar?

We made Stations of the Cross Votive Candles with baby food jars (and other recycled jars) and votive candles a while back.

They are even EASIER to make!

You can see them here: Stations of the Cross Votive Candles

Catholic Craft Kits

Want some Catholic Craft Kits with ready-to-print-and-cut Super Saints illustrations and accompanying prayers and project suggestions? We use these templates again and again!

Stations of the Cross Craft Kit

$15 PDF Download





Mysteries of the Rosary Craft Kit

$15 PDF Download

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