Stations of the Cross Votive Candles

I wanted to make some Stations of the Cross Votive Candles with our new Stations of the Cross (with the Kelly Saints) Craft Kit. I actually added two new templates to the kit*.

*If you have purchased the original Stations of the Cross Craft before February 13, please check your inbox for a link to the Upgrade Kit!

Stations inserts for votive candles

The Votive Candle template fits easily into little baby food jars, in case you have some empty ones in your recycle bin!

recycled votivesWe however have very few baby jars left at our house with our youngest child almost 5 years old! I decided to take out a couple end-of-the-road condiment jars out of my fridge.

I think they will get better use as votive candles…they’ve been in there for a while!

Stations of the cross votives supplies

I tried a few different things with the tissue paper I had on hand. I added ripped pieces of tissue paper to the outside of each jar with mod podge.

Station of the Cross up closeOnce again I painted the Stations template with my Sakura XNCW-24N 24-Piece Koi Assorted Water Colors Field Sketch Set with Brush*¬† watercolor paints and was surprised once again that the color didn’t run as I applied the mod podge!

Just make sure the painting is dry before you touch it!

I noticed that it becomes quite opaque once I added the painted Station of the Cross on top of the tissue covered jar.

I tried a few iterations including

  • adding the colored tissue to the other half of the jar
  • adding only white paper or tissue to the other half of the jar

Stations of the Cross Votive candles

The red and orange tissue obviously adds a reddish glow to the candles…so I opted for one more jar and the only purple paper I had on hand, to make a more appropriately colored votive for the liturgical season of Lent!

Stations of the Cross Votive Lent colors

Which votive candle do YOU like best…and what type of jar will YOU use for your Stations of the Cross Votive Candles?

clear votives stations of the cross

New! Stations of the Cross Craft Kit with Kelly Saints!

Available only as a PDF Printable: $12

Now includes FOUR sets of templates:

  • 3.75″x5″ full color
  • 3.75″x5″ B&W
  • 2.5″ round full color “Cake Topper Templates”
  • 2″ square full color “Votive Candle Templates”

*Amazon Affiliate Link:

  • Yes, I receive a very small commission for your purchases through this link.
  • No, my commission does not inflate the price that you pay for your purchases.
  • No, you don’t have to purchase only what I have linked.
  • Yes, I have linked to this product because I bought it and I use it and I love it!
  • Yes, I appreciate your support…and it will help me pay for my replacement travel watercolor kit once I exhaust the colors in this one! Thank you!


  1. Oh my gosh, these are gorgeous, Monica!!!I don’t know that I have the ambition to try them this year~~ but wow, how lovely. Pinning!!!

    Happy beginning-of-lent this week….

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