Stepping Stones through Jesus’ Life

Inspired by the Shower of Roses Jesus Tree post, I came up with my own paper version.  Although I used some of the images from the kit that Shower of Roses posted, I added my own images for many of the days and formatted them into little stamps.  I also added some stamps for Ash Wednesday, St. Patrick’s Day, the Solemnity of St. Joseph and Jesus’ Birth.

I bought these really cool little glass pebbles at the dollar store:  purple for most of the days of Lent and white for the Sundays and special days like Ash Wednesday, St. Patrick’s Day, Holy Thursday.  (I know that some of these should probably be purple or red, but I was trying to simplify.=)

I found a great EMPTY “Baci” chocolate box (no, I didn’t eat all the chocolates) and lined it with carpet tiles I found at the dollar store.  This was probably a bad idea, as the velcro sticks a little too easily to it, since I chose the pointy side for the underside of the stones.  I would use craft foam next time to line the box.

I arranged velcro pieces in a path around the box (that will close for storage later!).
I like the way the stones can be stored in one half of the box until they are placed during Holy Week.

I’m going to make a “key” or mark some of the stepping stone locations so that some of the stones are placed in particular places.
The Birth, Presentation, Growing Up, Temptation, Baptism immediately follow the first stone for Ash Wednesday and each Sunday will have a specific stone corresponding to the Gospel reading.
Some stones will be kept aside, specifically for Holy Week.
The other stones representing stories of Jesus’ Ministry can be chosen randomly.
I finished the scene with some of my favorite clipart…a crucifix from Nippert Artworks

***2014 Update***
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  1. I love this idea but am so not creative. Is there a kit we can order that has the pictures to be glued onto the stones?

  2. Oh my gosh..are you kidding…this is the coolest Lenten activity ever! And I’ve seen some pretty cool stuff offered by my Catholic blogging friends….I missed this when you initially posted it years ago. Wow, Monica, I’m just waiting for your creativity to somehow virtually by osmosis get through the computer screen to me, I figure since I’ve been reading your blog now for quite some time…it’s BOUND to happen soon…..waiting, waiting….:)

    Love love love.
    Great idea! Thanks!!

  3. I loved this idea Monica!! I just posted about it in my blog! Thanks!!

  4. I love this idea! I have some leftover glass stones and now I know how to use them!

    If you have any leftover stones, check out my blog in a few days. I’ll be posting pictures of something I created with the stones to use on Fridays during Stations of the Cross (especially for kids.)


  5. This looks fantastic! How creative and beautiful! I have linked up my post on our Lent plans under “A Slice of Smith Life”. Thank you for linking up to NOBH that I am co-hosting so I could know about your great link up 🙂 I’m now following you!
    God bless and blessed Lent to you!

  6. Oh, and thanks for the invitation to join your link-up. I’ve added a couple of my links for lent. God bless!

  7. Great idea!! It turned out really cute!

    Actually those images aren’t from the kit, they are pictures we took of the ornaments that we made.

    I hope you have a holy and blessed Lent!

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! And Emily’s “knowing” looks. hahaha. I think I need to do more of a “spiritual journey” like this as opposed to the same old “give up chocolate” sacrifice (but mind you, it is quite the sacrifice for me!). I’m thinking of perhaps buying a devotional book and journeying through scripture throughout Lent. Will be looking into it this weekend. Any ideas?

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