Catholic Crafts for JULY Saints Days

We’ve put together a quick summary of Catholic Crafts for July Saints and the Monthly Devotion of The Precious Blood of Jesus.

A video about the #1 Most Impressive Eucharistic Miracle by Fr. Mark Goring


Monthly Devotion of July: Precious Blood of Jesus

Having a Play Mass Kit has significantly helped behavior at Mass! Check out the craft kit of easy parts list and instructions to make your own or my Dad’s Vintage Miniature Play Mass Set he used as a kid in Austria!

DIY Heirloom Play Mass Kit

Vintage Miniature Play Mass Set

Summer is a great time for a little extra crafting…

so we also present Equipping Catholic Families…for Summer with the Saints!

We’ve got research template craft kits and painted saints and votive candles and ways to play with our unique Super Saints deck! They’ll be having so much fun, they won’t even realize how much they’re learning about the lives of the Saints!

Key Feast Days in July:

Apostle Painted Saints

Tower Tumble: Build like an Architect

and learn some Catechism while you’re at it!

I’ve been researching my favorite Saints, particularly those who have their own teaching on personal prayer! I was delighted to find that St. Benedict was known to use Prompts to Pray! He was prompted to pray every time he walked under the many arches at the Monastery of Monte Cassino! He was also a big advocate of practicing the Presence of God…and he insisted that prayer and work need not be separated!






Giant Foil St Benedict Medal is in the One Page Printables Craft Kit!

  • St Bonaventure (July 15)
  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel (July 16)
  • St Camillus de Lellis (July 18)
  • St Apollinaris (July 19)
  • St Lawrence of Brindlisi (July 21)
  • St Mary Magdalene (July 22)
  • St Bridget of Sweden (July 23)
  • St Sharbel (July 24)
  • St James (July 25)
    Apostle Painted Saints

Liturgical Season:

Ordinary Time!

See Equipping Catholic Families for Ordinary Time!

Jumpstart your Prayer in July!

Prayer Journal with Instagram

Prayer Transcripts: A NEW kind of Prayer Journal

Prayer Journal Prompts: Crafts and Kits!

Growing Collection of Saint Stickers

Saint and Prompt Me to Pray Notepads

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