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The Tower Tumble Cathletics Craft Kit includes 56 Categories and Answers formatted as little tags to adhere to your Jenga blocks!  They are easily scotch-taped in place and include references to the Catechism of the Catholic Church and/or Scriptural References!

Catholic Jenga



Questions are asked as each block is carefully removed from the tower without disturbing the structure. Whoever answers correctly is allowed to replace the block at the top of the tower.

The tower grows higher and higher…and they’ll pick up some Catechism without even realizing it.

This is a great backyard or Youth Group game…especially when you use JUMBO blocks! Blocks can be made out of 2×4’s but our friends had an even better idea…

Jumbo Jenga

Photo Credit: MDD Photography

They made an even better, safer version with 18″x6″x4″ boxes from Uline. You’ll want at least 30-40 boxes, so you’ll probably need to buy 2 boxes of 25.

Last year, we added JUMBO Tower Tumble templates…

so that you can glue or varnish the Catechism categories and answers right onto giant blocks!


Our Tower Tumble template includes a Cool2BCatholic logo for cool customization. It can be carefully cut to make a stamp, or the template can be printed or copied and glued in place on the side of each block.

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  1. Having trouble downloading the topics for the jenga game. We have the blocks

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