Feast Day Fun: St Mary Magdalene

St Mary Magdalene

Welcome to Feast Day Fun: St Mary Magdalene

The Memorial of St Mary Magdalene has just been elevated to an official Feast Day!

A notorious sinner, St Mary repented and followed Jesus. She anointed His Feet with expensive oil, witnessed His Crucifixion and was the first to see Him after His Resurrection. She lived as a contemplative, receiving the Eucharist from angels.

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1St Mary Magdalene is an important part of the Passion Play and Resurrection as the first person to encounter the Risen Jesus!

Jesus Passion Play

Check out our innovative Egg Carton Passion Play with the Painted Saints!

Passion set

Here’s our Easter set with miniature Painted Saints! It’s an adapted version of Catholic Icing’s Printable Resurrection Set.

2Here’s a paper craft for St Mary Magdalene


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Mary Magdalen in the Visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich


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