Prayer Journal Prompts, Prayers and Pics

Last week, we quietly released a pretty awesome Craft Kit: Prayer Journal Prompts: Heart to Heart with Jesus

…we haven’t seen anything out there like it!

The PDF includes 134 prayer prompts, 24 classic prayers illustrated with Kelly Saints, 100+ color stickers and 60 BW Saint stickers to help you take ANY dollar store notebook and turn it into a customized Prayer Journal, just for you!

We recommend printing the templates on full 8.5″x11″ sticker paper*, lightly cutting along the lines to separate the prompts and artwork into stickers…and peeling off and applying just the prompts and images that appeal to you!

The Prayer Journal Prompts include Questions directly to Jesus, quick but powerful Scripture verses, Scriptural questions from Jesus, Saint Quotes, Saint Prayers and Excerpts of Preface Prayers from the Mass.

The 24 Prayers are classic prayers you’ve probably wanted to memorize anyway…what better way to have it handy in your Prayer Journal!

Prayer Journaling is an awesome way to step up your prayer life. I wrote about how I’ve been taught to do it here:

How on Earth can I have a Personal Relationship with God?

Do YOU want to give it a try?

Here it is:

Prayer Journal Prompts Craft Kit

$15 PDF Download





and if you want to see a quick video about the new Prayer Journal Prompts Craft Kit, I’ve got TWO:

and watch it…the volume is a little crazy on this one:

…and if you’re looking for a deal on full sheet label paper, check this *Amazon Affiliate link out:


  1. I’m so excited that you have created Catholic stickers for prayer journaling!!! I love stickers and prayer journaling – in fact, I write about that topic often!

    • Thanks, Amy! I’m so excited about this kit too! I’ve already made two new prayer journals…ad I can’t wait to make more! I’m thinking about making them as gifts for people too.

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