Vintage Miniature Play Mass Set

Play MassYou might remember the Play Mass Kit I put together a couple weeks ago and the pictures of Adam ‘playing Mass’.

There’s even a craft kit to help you order the pieces and assemble your own wooden Mass Kit!

Mass Kit

Well…it would seem that Adam is not the first one in the family to play Mass!

Grandpa Playing Mass 9yearsold


Here’s a picture of Adam’s Grandpa playing Mass  when he still lived in Austria.

Incidentally, Adam’s Grandpa (formerly known as Boppa) has been interviewed on Equipping Catholic Families about pew preferences at Church.

Grandpa surprised us…presenting us with his Vintage Miniature Play Mass set, among his most treasured possessions he brought with him when he left Austria to come to Canada…when he was 11 years old. Look at the miniature Altar setup he has in the picture!

Leave it to the Austrians to have these beautiful miniature Vessels!

Vintage Miniature Chalice and Paten

This Chalice is under 2″ tall. It’s metal with ornate detailing…and could only be a Chalice! The paten is about 1″ wide. I’m thinking that the Pall that the Chalice and Paten are sitting on, were made by my Oma (my Dad’s Grandma). I think she may have also made the Vestments my Dad is wearing in the picture.

Vintage Miniature Thurible and BoatThe Thurible works! The top half slides up and down the chains just like the real thing! It hangs about 6.5″ long and it comes with the Incense Boat with 2 hinged lids and a little spoon.

Vintage Play Mass Set with MonstranceThe Monstrance is kind of old-style and my Dad was telling me that he added the brooch with the extra jewels…when he was a kid.


What a treasure for our family! I haven’t shown the Vintage Miniature Play Mass set to Adam yet

…but I’m sure I’ll be posting more pictures when I do!

Like Grandpa like Grandson

Thanks, Grandpa!

Play Mass Kit

Check out our Play Mass Kit if you’d like to compile your own. We made it pretty easy for you…and you can probably compile the basic set for $20US (including shipping!) with the itemized ordering info in the kit!

Play Mass Kit and Order Form (some assembly required, materials purchased separately from wood company)

($2 PDF of ordering info and special tips only)

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Mass Kit with crucifix


  1. Thanks, Marlon! I didn’t think of it that way…but it really is such a blessing! Thanks for your kind words, Marlon!

  2. This is amazing. I am convinced that if this is what Grandpa was doing in his childhood then the blessings of this devotion will extend to many generations – including yours. While I am a convert, I daydream about how the faith might grow stronger in my children’s children, and so on, even if it only bears small fruit in mine. Your own ministry and family prove that the faith kept by family before builds a great family tree of faith.

  3. That is a TREASURE!! How BEAUTIFUL that he has kept them all this time! The picture, the vintage Mass kit and memories that your son and his Grandpa will share! ❤️

    • Thanks, Kim! Yeah…I couldn’t believe my Dad has had this set for all these years…and even my Mom had never seen it before! What a gift!

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