Best 2020 Catholic Books for Your Christmas Wish List

Picture Books

This is the Church

Written by Katie Warner and illustrated by Meg Whalen
Full Book Review   on Equipping Catholic Families

This is an exquisitely beautiful picture book! With each beautifully illustrated page, we are introduced to Jesus, the Apostles, St. Joseph and Mother Mary, patriarchs, prophets and kings and Adam and Even through the stained glass windows within a Church.

Lily Lolek

by Katie Warner, illustrated by Amy Rodriguez
Full Book Review on Equipping Catholic Families

Lily Lolek: Future Saint is a sweet picture book about a little girl who dreams of being a Saint. She tries to imitate all of the Saints she learns about, but soon discovers, with the help of a family visit from a parish priest, that she’s called to be a Saint in the unique and unrepeatable way that only she can be: by being herself.

Spiritual Reading: Prayer

Prompt Me to Pray

by Monica McConkey

Prompt Me to Pray by Monica McConkey presents practical tips for prayer that can be easily customized to fit our busy lives, habits, daily tasks, and even our struggles. Recognizing our littleness as an inexhaustible source of Prompts to Pray helps us to reach out humbly in prayer when we need Him most and reminds us that God can use all things for good.

Available in the Arma Dei Shoppe: Prompt Me to Pray

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Say Yes to Holiness:
Discovering Purpose,
Peace and Abundance in Daily Life

by Christina Semmens
Full Book Review on Equipping Catholic Families

This book is a treasure! It’s just the book I was looking for as I pursue a deeper spiritual life, a closer relationship with Jesus, more heartfelt personal prayer and a stronger commitment to surrender to Jesus, placing my trust in Him.
Say Yes is a process of acknowledging and accepting the journey to be transformed, recognizing our own unique call to holiness, pursuing His Will for each of us personally, practicing consistent personal prayer, remaining open to His Grace, surrendering our cares and concerns, and choosing to trust in Him, even when it’s a struggle to do so.

Awaken My Heart:
52 Weeks of Giving Thanks and Loving Abundantly

by Emily Wilson Hussem
Full Book Review on Equipping Catholic Families

Awaken My Heart is a yearly devotional for women with a heartfelt reflection, a Soul Exercise and Your Heart’s Prayer for each of the 52 weeks of a whole year. Every week is a treasure, focusing on receiving His Peace, becoming childlike, not being afraid, having mercy on yourself, being brave, letting Him heal you…and the list goes on for 52 reflections!

Bless Us, O Lord

by Robert M. Hamma
Full Book Review on Equipping Catholic Families

Bless Us O Lord offers an extensive collection of prayers for mealtime for Days of the Week, specific Days within the Seasons of the Liturgical Calendar, Holidays and Saints’ Days, and other special occasions. For each of the Saints’ Days, a quick bio of the Saint is presented, followed by a customized prayer either attributed to the Saint or expressing special insight or gifts of the Saint for us to pursue or imitate.

Oremus: A Treasury of Latin Prayers

Full Book Review on Equipping Catholic Families

This book has all of the prayers: Morning Prayers, Prayers at Meals, Evening Prayers, Prayers for Adoration and Holy Communion, The Rosary, Consecration to Mary, Stations of the Cross, Divine Mercy, many Marian Prayers, Psalms and so much more! And they are all presented in English on one page, and Latin on the facing page.


by Kaylene Brown
Full Book Review on Equipping Catholic Families

This book is packed with well-researched reflections pulling together Scripture, Catechism and writings of my favorite female saints! While it’s meant to accompany a 90 day ascetic lifestyle comprised of any number of the suggested sacrifices and prayerful practices in the book, Magnify also stands alone as an awesome resource to guide you through your own extended Lent or spiritual retreat.

Collection of Grace

by Carrie Soukup
Review on Equipping Catholic Families coming soon!

I’m eagerly awaiting my review copy of this book by snail mail, but I have already read the Kindle and it is chock FULL of practical tips for praying throughout the day, with recommendations for quick spontaneous prayers while we are busy doing other things, flexible prayer plans and lots of classic prayers to choose from.

Spiritual Reading: Scripture, Reflection and Prayer

Who Do You Say That I Am?

by Robert LeBlanc
Full Book Review on Equipping Catholic Families

Who Do You Say That I Am? is thoughtfully written and insightful. It offers a perfect opportunity for reflection and a jumpstart to prayer. Prompted to respond to Jesus’ direct questions through our own circumstances, struggles, and joys, we dare to explore and pursue a deeper personal relationship with Jesus. This book will be a welcome addition to your collection of spiritual reading and an invaluable prompt for heartfelt prayer.

Let Go of Anger and Stress

by Gary Zimak
Full Book Review on Equipping Catholic Families

Let Go of Anger & Stress is a helpful handbook for inviting the Holy Spirit to work in us and live out the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit. By allowing ourselves to be transformed by love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulnes, gentleness and self-control, we are able to let go of anger and stress.

Spiritual Reading: All Things Catholic!

Holy Hacks

by Patti Maguire Armstrong
Full Book Review   on Equipping Catholic Families

Holy Hacks is such a cool book! I think I counted over 430 different Hacks for  Holiness in life, for humility, in relationships, in prayer, for spiritual protection, for evangelizing, against gossip, inspired by the Saints and within the Seasons of the Liturgical Calendar!

Why We’re Catholic

by Trent Horn
Full Book Review on Equipping Catholic Families

This is a friendly, easy to navigate book explaining why we believe the things we believe within the Catholic Faith. While we can be formed in the Faith, we often have difficulty explaining and defending the teachings of the Catholic Faith. This book is a collection of clear and concise, down-to-earth explanations that will certainly help us in our formation, as well as evangelization. It will also help us in those precarious moments when we’re asked questions about the Faith, that we can’t clearly answer.

Home in the Church

by Jessica Ptomey
Full Book Review on Equipping Catholic Families

This book is an excellent introduction to our Catholic Faith and an excellent tool to re-ignite love for our Rich Traditions and Gifts of the Church, namely the Mass, the Sacraments, the Liturgical Year, the Communion of Saints, Personal Prayer and Redemptive Suffering.

Catholic Prayer Journals

Stay Connected: Journals for Catholic Women:
Make Every Day Blessed Living the Liturgical Year

by Jennifer Frost
Full Book Review on Equipping Catholic Families

Make Every Day Blessed offers a wonderful guide through the entire Liturgical Calendar, introducing the cycle of Seasons and celebrations of Jesus’ Life, the life of the Church and the Feast Days and Memorials of the Saints before us.
Jen Frost provides beautiful explanations of the journey we experience connecting the daily and weekly Mass Readings with the wonderful Liturgical practices and traditions of our rich Faith.

Prayerfully Waiting:
A Catholic Grandmother’s Prayer Journal

by Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle

Book Review pending from Equipping Catholic Families

Catholic Saints

Saints: Becoming an Image of Christ Every Day of the Year

by Dawn Marie Beutner
Full Book Review on Equipping Catholic Families

There are SO many saints in this book…between two to six Saints, for every day of the year! The biographies are relatively short and succinct with all the most important facts about each Saint’s life and the virtues we can learn from them!
The relatively short biographies of the Saints are accessible, with just the right amount of information about the Saints’ lives and the virtues they exemplified. At the end of each collection of Saints for one day, there is a one phrase prayer asking for the specific intercession of each Saint featured, focused on the virtues we can learn from them.
This could be my new FAVORITE Saints book ever…and I have many Saints books, so that’s saying a lot!

Catholic Bibles

Ignatius Note-Taking and Journaling Bible

by Ignatius Press
Full Book Review on Equipping Catholic Families

It’s pretty compact at only 6.5″x7.5″x1.5″ and it has generous ruled margins for taking notes or drawing! It’s black hardback, with gold printing on the spine. It’s so nice to have the Revised Standard Version, 2nd Catholic Edition! It’s also nice to have guilt-free space to write notes or even create artwork, without interfering with the text!

The Word on Fire Bible

by Word on Fire
Not yet reviewed on Equipping Catholic Families…I just received my copy!

Although it contains only the four Gospels, this is a beautiful Bible with single column text and extra commentaries by Bishop Barron, by the earliest Christian theologians (the Church Fathers), recent authors like G.K. Chesterton and Ven. Fulton Sheen and many Saints. It is beautifully formatted and includes full color art masterpieces along with commentary as well.
I have the soft cover version with the gold-etched front cover, but there are also hardback and leather bound versions available on Amazon

or directly through Word on Fire in the US or Sunrise Marian Distribution in Canada


The Great Adventure Catholic Bible

by Ascension Press
Full Book Review on Equipping Catholic Families

It really is a beautiful Bible with the soft leather cover and the color tabs for the books of the Bible, corresponding with The Great Adventure’s color-coded Bible Timeline Learning System. The colored timeline continues throughout the intro pages before each time period, often at the beginning of a particular Book of the Bible. Key characters, events and time periods are referenced within the continuing timeline and accompanied by a Summary, Narrative and Significance of key events, elements, history or culture.
There are 16 full color maps for easy reference to cities and regions mentioned in Scripture, shifting kingdoms and empires and routes travelled by Abraham, the Israelites and St. Paul.

The Catholic Children’s Bible

by Saint Mary’s Press
Full Book Review on Equipping Catholic Families

It’s packed with good-sized print, colorful, kid-friendly illustrations, color-coded sections and tabs and interesting introductions to books of the Bible.
There are 125 specially featured Bible stories, packed with extra illustrations, explanations, ways to “live it!” and an opportunity to re- “tell it!” for deeper understanding.
Extra notes, Bible pictures, Bible Time Line, Maps, Catholic Practices and Catholic Prayers are included in the back, as well as critical Bible references for times when you really need them.


Catholic Books for Youth

The Virtues for Catholic Youth

by Catholic Sprouts
Full Book Review on Equipping Catholic Families

This book is a 12 week study program pairing vice with its redeeming virtue and demonstrating virtue in action through the lives of the saints. The book describes each week’s vice and redeeming virtue, along with stories of a particular saint as well as an example from the Old Testament and from Jesus in the Gospel, modeling the virtue for us. Reflection questions and challenges guide the youth to deeper understanding and prompt them to find ways to practice the same virtue in their lives.




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