Book Review: The Virtues for Catholic Youth

Well, Catholic Sprouts seems to be on fire with the Holy Spirit! They’ve been creating wonderful resources for years and it sounds like they’re on the verge of something extra exciting with their big Innovation Challenge win and partnership with Our Sunday Visitor for the Domestic Church Project.

I’ve enjoyed a number of resources from Nancy at Catholic Sprouts, but this book The Virtues for Catholic Youth really got my attention. I’ve always been fascinated with the Saints and their unique calls to holiness and the virtues they exemplify. This book is a 12 week study program pairing vice with its redeeming virtue and demonstrating virtue in action through the lives of the saints. The book describes each week’s vice and redeeming virtue, along with stories of a particular saint as well as an example from the Old Testament and from Jesus in the Gospel, modeling the virtue for us. Reflection questions and challenges guide the youth to deeper understanding and prompt them to find ways to practice the same virtue in their lives.

12 Week Study

The weeks address Vice and Virtue, Pride and Humility, Lust and Purity, Gluttony and Mortification, Envy and Gratitude, Doubt and Faith, Greed and Generosity, Fear and Love, Anger and Forgiveness, Despair and Hope, Sloth and Zeal for the Mission, and Sin and Holiness.

The text is engaging. It is written in a friendly way with solid teaching expressed in a way that is easily understood. The book is well structured and sprinkled with Saints quotes. The pages are beautifully illustrated with soft colors, helpful page divider tabs, and simple, but elegant watercolor illustrations by Jen Olson.

The book is intended for youth ranging from 3rd to 9th grade and each week’s study is broken up into 5 days of lessons, with a couple reflection questions and a challenge to put the virtue into practice. The wire binding allows the book to stay open and lay flat and the sturdy pages are great to write on, although you’ll probably need an accompanying prayer journal or notebook to record all your thoughts and reflections and prayers prompted by the book!

I received a whole collection of awesome Catholic Sprouts materials in exchange for my honest review!

Purchase Link

You can purchase The Virtues for Catholic Youth by Catholic Sprouts right here for your grade 3-9 kids! You will be glad you did!


  1. Jamie Bailey says:

    Does this by chance come in Spanish as well? This would be great to put on our Parish Facebook page but we have a large Hispanic Community. It’s always hard to find resources in both languages.

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