Ignatius Note-Taking & Journaling Bible {Book Review}

I was so excited to receive this Catholic Note-taking and Journaling Bible from Ignatius Press!

It’s pretty compact at only 6.5″x7.5″x1.5″ and it has generous ruled margins for taking notes or drawing!

It’s black hardback, with gold printing on the spine. Pictured (to the left) is the information sleeve that it comes with.

It’s so nice to have the Revised Standard Version, 2nd Catholic Edition!

It’s also nice to have guilt-free space to write notes or even create artwork, without interfering with the text! (I’ve done that before here in a paperback Bible, using gesso over the notes to create my own margins. It’s a little messy!)

The Bible includes some color maps of the Holy Land for easy reference.

If you’re considering Bible Journaling, you might want to join this Facebook Group: Catholic Womens Bible Journaling, hosted by my friend Emily!

Members share their work and resources and special tips (supplies) and Emily hosts frequent giveaways which are really fun!

Lacy at Catholic Icing also has an excellent Ultimate Guide to Bible Journaling Supplies that is very helpful and SO creative!


If you’re looking for a Catholic Edition Bible to journal in, I highly recommend this one from Ignatius Press:

Ignatius Note-Taking & Journaling Bible
There seems to be a discount if you order online!

I’m definitely looking forward to Bible Journaling in the new year, how about you?

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