Review: The Great Adventure Catholic Bible

I received The Great Adventure Catholic Bible from Ascension Press in exchange for my honest review.

It really is a beautiful Bible with the soft leather cover and the color tabs for the books of the Bible, corresponding with The Great Adventure’s color-coded Bible Timeline Learning System.

It is the Revised Standard Version – Second Catholic Edition.

It includes a nice introduction by Jeff Cavins, explaining the format of the Bible and the use of the patented Bible Timeline, dividing salvation history into twelve color-coded time periods. It offers charts, an explanation of the Timeline, a Reading Plan, hints to help us to interpret the Bible and an explanation of the practice of Lectio Divina: encountering God through prayerful reading of Scripture.

Color-coded Timeline

The colored timeline continues throughout the intro pages before each time period, often at the beginning of a particular Book of the Bible. Key characters, events and time periods are referenced within the continuing timeline and accompanied by a Summary, Narrative and Significance of key events, elements, history or culture.

The words of Jesus are printed in red. I like that!

I’d actually like to see the full color timeline with all the details in a continuous chart form…I might need to purchase this so that I can get a grasp of it all in one view:  The Bible Timeline Chart

Full Color Maps

There are 16 full color maps for easy reference to cities and regions mentioned in Scripture, shifting kingdoms and empires and routes travelled by Abraham, the Israelites and St. Paul.

This is a beautiful Bible for a teenager or adult, hoping to delve in deeper into Scripture and the love for God’s Word.

For more information about this awesome Holy Bible, click the following link:

The Great Adventure Holy Bible by Ascension Press


  1. Would be helpful to have this in LARGE PRINT for seniors.

  2. I bought one several weeks ago and it is as beautiful and user friendly as you explain! God bless!

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