Equipping Catholic Families for FEBRUARY Saints, Monthly Devotion and Ordinary Time!

February Saints

Equipping Catholic Families for February Saints!

Welcome to our monthly summary of crafts and family traditions related to the Monthly Devotion, Key Feast Days and the appropriate Season of the Liturgical Calendar. As our kids get older, our activities and commitment to Catholic crafts has changed and adjusted (at least for our tween, teen and young adult kids)! While we haven’t exactly been adding a lot of Catholic crafts around here, we do enjoy pulling out the crafts and programs we’ve developed over the years, sometimes sharing them with younger families in our parish!

Holy Family

The Monthly Devotion for February is the Holy Family

This month, the official Devotion focuses on the Holy Family. What an awesome example of family life, St Joseph, Mother Mary and Jesus offer us!

Key Feast Days in February:

We’ve got a few wonderful Saints Days in February. St Valentine’s Day is most likely the most popular and obviously the most well known…and secularized. Check out our Love Like a Saint Love Quote Cards Craft Kit to keep the SAINT in Saint Valentine’s Day!

  • World Day of Consecrated Life (February 1)
  • St Brigid of Ireland (February 1)

Love Like a Saint Love Quote Cards Craft Kit

  • St Cyril St Methodius (February 14)
  • 7 Holy Founders Servite Order (February 17)
  • St Pater Damian (February 21)
  • Chair of St Peter (February 22) Guess Who?! The Popes
  • St Polycarp (February 23)


Season of the Liturgical Calendar: Ordinary Time!

Sometimes the first season of Ordinary Time in our Liturgical Calendar is quite short, depending on when Ash Wednesday opens the next season (of Lent!). This year, we’ve got the whole month of February to build our family culture and family traditions, immerse ourselves deeper in the Sacraments and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Ordinary Time…doesn’t have to be boring or ordinary! Establish some good habits before Lent hits!

Did you see our 10 Ideas for Traditions and Family Culture in Ordinary Time

Making Ordinary Time Extraordinary!

Resolutions for 2019: Get Healthy, Pray More, Get Organized, Live Liturgically: How are we doing?

Are you looking for ways to boost prayer and Mass prep in Ordinary Time?


Paper Chains, Prayer Abacus, Revolving Rosary, Stations of the Cross and Works of Mercy Carousel are just some of the Catholic Craft Kits we have that are packed with prayer and our original Kelly Saints illustrations! Hands-on crafts to build up your family prayer!

Ready to start the Family Rosary?

The Easy as Abacus Rosary is an awesome Catholic craft and tool to keep kids involved, saying the Rosary as a family! All our original artwork is included in the PDF!


The Mysteries of the Rosary Craft Kit is packed with innovative, kid-magnet illustrations and crafts to help kids say the Rosary! It includes lace-up booklets and our innovative revolving rosary…all packed with our original Kelly Saints artwork!

I recommitted to saying the Daily Rosary about a year and a half ago. I was a reluctant rosary prayer for a couple of reasons, but finally felt convicted that if Our Lady is asking us to say the Rosary, that’s just what we should do! I tend to say my decades of prayers throughout the day.  I still find myself kind of distracted and not praying as  focused or meditative as I’d like, but I’ve returned to wearing a Good Deed Bead Bracelet

to keep track of prayers, even when I (inevitably) get distracted by another task, a kid or two…or my own restless thoughts and to do list!

I find it helps a lot to keep track of the prayers within each decade…and I’ve even found a subtle way to keep track of which Mystery I’m on.

I’ve learned that the suede cord bracelet lasts just under a week if you don’t take it off when you shower or swim in the ocean (we were in Mexico last week!), but I’m expecting it to last a lot longer (but still look weathered and cool!) if I take it off before showers or swimming. 

The Holy Family holy medal slips off quite quickly, but I will start reinforcing it with fishing line, if I make these for others.

I do have a limited quantity of these upscale suede good deed bead bracelets.

Contact Monica for pricing info and color requests, if you’d like to purchase a couple of Good Deed Bead Bracelets to jumpstart your daily Rosary or good deeds!



and just in case you’re looking for some other prayer craft kits:

Works of Mercy Craft Kit

The Works of Mercy Craft Kit… featuring the Kelly Saints! More than 10 recommended crafts to make from FIVE different templates contained in the kit! You’ll love to see the Kelly Saints…tackling the Works of Mercy!

Make the Works of Mercy Carousel or Accordion tabletop display or craft unique Votive candles. The Divine Mercy Chaplet is in there too!

Divine Mercy

And speaking of the Divine Mercy… check out the Divine Mercy Craft Kit. There are 18 templates in this kit…from prayer wheels to booklets to prayer petal flowers to coloring pages, this craft kit is designed to help kids of all ages participate in this devotion and draw closer to Jesus, appreciating His huge Sacrifice for us and His Divine Mercy. It even includes templates to track the whole 9-day Novena! Remember that Divine Mercy Sunday is the Sunday after Easter and falls on April 28th this year.




Keep a look out for Equipping Catholic Families…for LENT! Coming soon!

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