Sock Baby Jesus Workshop in time for Advent!

Last Sunday (a whole week before Advent begins!) we hosted a Sock Baby Jesus in a Clementine Crib Workshop and we had a lot of fun!


First, we collected the materials we would need and even made a new Sock Baby Jesus just to make sure that we weren’t forgetting anything. The kids co-operated by eating their way through 3 crates of Clementine oranges and our friend Michelle brought 3 additional crates as well!

We opted for two kinds of yarn for the no mess straw and our friend Colette raided her Mom’s fabric stash for no sew blankets and wrappings.


Sock Baby Jesus

We used batting for stuffing the socks, plain old elastics to separate the head from the body and tie off the top of the head, pulling the cuff of the sock down for a cozy little hat.¬†We used washable markers for the Sock Baby Jesus’ face and for extra drawing on our kraft paper runner.¬†Here’s a picture tutorial for Sock Baby Jesus

Clementine Crib

I painted the end sides of each crate with tan colored paint to cover the printing on the wood.

The kids chose fabric for their Baby Jesus wraps and crib liners, adding a little boost for the string straw they’ll be adding with good deeds during Advent.

Here’s a picture tutorial for Sock Baby Jesus

Here’s a step by step picture tutorial of the No Mess String Straw for the Clementine Crib.

I wrapped a good amount of yarn around a popsicle stick and tucked it under the little fabric scraps (crib liner).

We don’t cut the yarn…we just let the kids pull 6″ of it at a time to furnish the little crib with soft “string straw”.


We love how they turned out! We’ve even heard of quite a lot of adventures some of our new Sock Baby Jesuses have been on this week…but I’m sure they’ll be hidden away while we fill the empty cribs with our good deed ‘string straw’ during Advent!

Thanks to our professional photographer Michael of MDD Photography for capturing our Sock Baby Jesus Workshop.


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