Presentation of the Lord: February 2

Even though the Gospel Readings lately at Mass have already launched into Jesus’ Baptism as an adult and the beginning of His Public Ministry, this Sunday is the Feast of the Presentation of our Lord (or the Purification of Mary). This Feast celebrates the event (40 days after Jesus’ Birth), when He was presented in the Temple, following the Jewish custom.

Sock Baby Jesus in a Clementine Crib 2

I was a little late to try this awesome craft for Advent or Christmas, but I think it’s still quite appropriate as we celebrate the Presentation of Jesus, the 4th Mystery of the Rosary! This is our Sock Baby Jesus in a Clementine Crib!  This is an easy craft that the kids will LOVE. It doesn’t take much time…and you’ll be glad you have him next Advent!



  1. That is really an adorable sock baby. 🙂

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