Catholic Crafts and Saints Days for August!

We’ve put together a quick summary of Catholic Crafts for August Saints and the Monthly Devotion of The Immaculate Heart of Mary. Summer is a great time for a little extra crafting…so we also present Equipping Catholic Families…for Summer with the Saints!

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The Saints Can Prompt Us to Pray

The Communion of Saints offers us mentors in our Catholic Faith, patrons of almost anything you can think of for intercession, and models of persistent pursuit of holiness, wholeheartedly seeking virtue, prayer, and union with God. While many of the Saints gave us specific teaching about prayer, we can also look to their particular patronage as a special prompt to pray as they did or to pray for their intercession.

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Library of How Saints Pray

I’ve been creating my own Masterclass-for-me, researching what the Saints teach us about prayer. I’ve discovered some AWESOME books…some are probably familiar if you’ve ever jumped into Catholic spiritual reading, but some are a little obscure, written by holy men and women, not yet declared saints…a couple of them are still walking around in our time!

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Doodle your own Communion of Saints! Saints Crafts for the Summer

Doodling with the Saints!

Build your family’s Communion of Saints with this new simple Saint stamp in the shop! Embellish each figure with the traits, symbols and clothing of your favorite saints and see if others can guess who they are!

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Saints Crafts for Summer!

Summer is closing in! Want to spend the SUMMER getting to know the Saints better?

We’ve got craft kits for that! 64 Saints are presented across our three Saint Scripts Craft Kits with full color postcards, short bios and quick facts, along with black and white templates for DIY research projects, Saint Albums, quizzing games and art projects!

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We recently renovated our online Arma Dei Catholic Shop with new formatting, and helpful buttons offering shortcuts to carefully-curated products according to Season of the Liturgical Calendar, Sacraments, Saints, Catechism, Prayer, and Prayer Journal Stamps!

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May the SAINTS be with You! Saints Days and Devotions for MAY

Join us to celebrate May Saints, the Monthly Devotion dedicated to Our Blessed Mother Mary and the continued joyful season of Easter! Do you see something you like? Click on the pictures and/or links for easy crafts and already-formatted Catholic Craft Kits that come with permission to copy for home use, year after year!

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The Saints Were Prompted to Pray. Are YOU?


There are so many ways to pray! We have such a rich tradition of classic prayers and devotions, but we can also speak spontaneously to God in familial conversation. We are told by Jesus and by St. Paul to pray without ceasing and yet we are easily distracted and sometimes forget to pray.

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Equipping Catholic Families for January Saints

Equipping Catholic Families for January 2023 Saints!

Welcome to our monthly summary of crafts and family traditions related to the Monthly Devotion, Key Feast Days and the appropriate Season of the Liturgical Calendar.

NEW Saints Day Stamp

Easy addition to your family calendar! Just stamp the new Saint’s Day stamp and customize the saint with vocation accessories, facial features and color!

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NEW Catholic Rubber Stamps…in the Shoppe!

We’ve added a couple Catholic Stamps to the Prayer Impressions Journal Stamp Shop!

The 2″ Divine Mercy Stamp includes counting beads in the border and a prayer intentions space so that you can keep track of the 5 decades, the 10 “For the Sake of…” prayers for each decade and the 3 “Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One” prayers at the end of the five decades. This is a nice visual for journalers to incorporate the Divine Mercy Chaplet with their prayer-journaling!

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