5 Tips to Help KIDS Focus at Mass


Our kids range from 21 years down to 7 years old. Here are a couple tips we have found that have helped kids focus at Mass.

1. Mass Mantra in the Van

When the kids were a lot younger, I found myself kind of overwhelmed at Mass with them, especially when Bill was travelling and I was going it alone…with the kids. Church is only a 5 minute drive away, but I found that when I took the time to list ‘the rules’ and get the kids to repeat them after me, sometimes a look or one word could reign them back in. After 21 years of parenting, I still haven’t achieved the look my mother-in-law mastered that could keep even the most wiggly boy in check at Church, but our Mass Mantra has helped….along with the odd bout of bribery good behavior reward after Mass.

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Equipping Catholic Families for August

NEW FEATURE: Equipping Catholic Families for August!

We will be posting a monthly summary of crafts and family traditions each month related to the Monthly Devotion, Key Feast Days and the appropriate Season of the Liturgical Calendar. We hope to give you a little more notice next time…launching the summary post a week or two before the start of the month.

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NEW! Rosary Journal Stamps!

We’ve just added a couple ROSARY Journal Stamps to our Prayer Impressions Journal Stamp Shop!

After having recently re-committed to saying the daily Rosary (see 5 practical tips for the Reluctant Rosary prayer), I’ve been working on a few tools and tips that have helped me make it a lasting habit.

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Keeping Advent, Advent

Advent is coming! Do you have resolutions for Keeping Advent, Advent this year?

Over the years, we have tried a number of Advent activities and devotions and I’ve compiled a Photo Gallery of them!

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A Mom For All Seasons

There are plenty of Moms out there…new Moms and veteran Moms, adoptive Moms, foster Moms, grieving Moms, hopeful Moms, spiritual Moms, expecting Moms, GrandMoms and Moms in the trenches of diapers and sleepless nights.

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SuperHero Party 2016

There were capes and masks…

…and an Assessment Centre made from a Fridge Box. Our local Appliance Store graciously supplies appliance boxes for birthday parties!

The Assessment Centre has an impressive Retinal Scan, Handprint and Fingerprint Scans, Voice Recognition (microphone), Photo Booth and Height Measurement

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Vintage Miniature Play Mass Set

You might remember the Play Mass Kit I put together a couple weeks ago and the pictures of Adam ‘playing Mass’.

There’s even a craft kit to help you order the pieces and assemble your own wooden Mass Kit!

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Easter is 50 Days!

Banking on our experience from prior years, I think there is a natural tendency to pack a whole lot of celebrating, feasting and chocolate-eating on Easter Sunday and maybe even this whole week…but we tend to forget that we are still in Easter celebration mode until Pentecost, especially after the chocolate runs out.

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Journey with Jesus through Holy Communion

Journey with Jesus through Holy Communion

PDF Downloadable: $13

Reflection questions, Catechisms questions and Kelly Comics clipart to scrapbook through Baptism, Reconciliation and Holy Communion. Instructions are included to create a unique accordion scrapbook, but templates lend themselves well to any scrapbook, homemade or store-bought!

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40 Ways for 40 Days: 2016 Edition

40 Ways for 40 Days: 2016 Edition!

Countdown through LENT

1. Stepping Stones through Jesus’ Life: Step through the key moments of Jesus’ Life as presented through Scripture.

2. Lenten Calendar: The Lenten version of the Advent Calendar, this banner or pocket-filled poster offers a Scriptural quote or reflection, virtue taught by Jesus or a moment from his life, represented through Bible verses, drawings or small props.

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