Summer Project! Communion of Saints Family Calendar

Looking for a fun family project this summer? How about collecting all your special family dates and recording them in this Saint-packed Perpetual Calendar! Once you fill in the key Birthdays, Sacrament dates and milestones for your immediate family (and even extended family!)…you can make color copies for Grandparents and Cousins, Aunts, Uncles and Godparents!

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Paint by Saint!

Remember Paint by Number?

How about Paint by Saint?

If you already have our Saint Scripts Craft Kits, Series One and Two…you already have the Kelly Saints illustrations in black and white templates to stylize on your own with pencil crayons, markers…or my new favorite watercolor paints!

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Lent Activities Gallery

Here is a compilation of all of our crafts and activities for LENT!

Many of these ideas can be taken on throughout Lent, made ONCE and saved for next year’s Lent as well!

Even if your Lent has been a little bumpy so far…it’s never too late to jump right in with a craft or activity that engages the whole family in a meaningful way!

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Stations of the Cross Votive Candles

I wanted to make some Stations of the Cross Votive Candles with our new Stations of the Cross (with the Kelly Saints) Craft Kit. I actually added two new templates to the kit*.

*If you have purchased the original Stations of the Cross Craft before February 13, please check your inbox for a link to the Upgrade Kit!

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LOVE like a SAINT Valentine: NEW Craft Kit!

Releasing our brand new Love Like A Saint Valentine Cards Craft Kit for St. Valentine’s Day!

This NEW craft kit includes 48 unique cards with Kelly Saints matched with Love Quotes from each Saint! The cards are formatted to be cut into 2.75″ square cards or 2.5″ circle punched for unique little Saint badge cards.

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Feast Day Fun: St Brigid

February 1st  is the Feast Day of St Brigid of Ireland

St. Brigid was born daughter to a chieftain and a slave woman, and brought up by a druid. Her life was marked by miracles from an early age which impressed the king of Leinster, who granted her her freedom. She became a religious and founded a monastery over the fires of a pagan shrine at Kildare, and developed into a cathedral city of culture and learning. She and her friend St. Patrick, are regarded as the Pillars of the Irish people. (from SaintNook)

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Catholic Crafts: Onesies Print Pack

I decided to compile a bunch of one-pager printables into a new Cathletics Craft Kit Printable.

This Cathletics Craft Kit includes SIX one-page printable templates including:

  • Sign of the Cross (Mirror Signs) (NEW!)
  • St Benedict Holy Medal Template
  • It’s My Feast Day Plate (EXPANDED)
  • Prayer Habits Meme (NEW!)
  • Reconciliation Prayers and LogBook (EDITED!)
  • Reconciliation Sneak Peek Sheets (EDITED!)

It’s only $5, and we do appreciate your support if you can spare it…to help justify the amount of time we put into this site and our Cathletics Craft Kit Printables!

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DIY Paper Patio Lanterns in less than 60 seconds

With so much celebration this month, we’ve been making cheap and easy decorations to use over and over across our continued Easter celebrations…three more family birthdays, High School Arts Night and maybe even our First Communion party all in the month of May!

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Perpetual CELEBRATION with the Communion of Saints!

Getting organized for the new year?

Have you seen our NEW Communion of Saints Family Calendar!?

 Here’s January!

It’s a Perpetual Calendar…so it can be used YEAR after YEAR!

If you mark your special family dates ONCE (birthdays, Sacrament anniversaries, milestones), you can make copies of the calendar for Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. We have…and now the WHOLE family has a record of ALL the same family dates, to which they can add their own!

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Family Tree Printable

Here is a simple way to get started making a family tree.

It is a new-and-improved Family Fun Craft Kit, extracted from our Faith Journal Hand in Hand with Jesus. There are two templates included with instructions. “My Roots” offers an opportunity for more info about each family member, while “The Family Tree” offers a bigger picture of where all the relatives fit! Both templates are included in black and white for you to fill out and color, as well as a couple full-color templates, if coloring isn’t your thing! Have a look through the template…and decide which pages you’d like to use; you may not want to print the entire 11 page kit in color! Click the “Add to Cart” button for your Family Tree Printable! It’s officially $2, but if you subscribe to Equipping Catholic Families or “like” Equipping Catholic Families on facebook and use the appropriate discount code:

subscribed or liked

…it’s yours for FREE!

Thanks to those who choose to pay the $2! Your donation helps justify the time we put into making these free printables!

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