DIY Advent Wreath with Dollar Store Votive Candles

Well, I wasn’t able to make our Advent wreath this year with our Parish Women’s Group, so when I saw Kendra’s quick DIY Advent Wreath at Catholic All Year with Dollar Store Votive Candles, I just couldn’t resist.

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The Peace of Christmas: Quiet Reflections from Pope Francis by Diane M. Houdek

Equipping Catholic Families with…Book DeBriefs is a series of book reviews on awesome Catholic books published by Franciscan Media* and its imprint Servant Books, both offering excellent spiritual reading to boost prayer life, devotion and Faith.

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Equipping Catholic Families…for December!


Equipping Catholic Families for December Saints!

  • Welcome to our monthly summary of crafts and family traditions related to the Monthly Devotion, Key Feast Days and the appropriate Season of the Liturgical Calendar.

 Key Feast Days in December:

  • St Francis Xavier (December 3)
  • St John Damascene (December 4)
  • St Nicholas* (December 6)
  • St Ambrose (December 7)
  • Immaculate Conception (December 8)
  • St Juan Diego (December 9)
  • Our Lady of Loretto (December 10)
  • Our Lady, Queen of Angels (December 11)
  • St Damasus I (December 11)
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe (December 12)
  • St Lucy (December 13)
  • St John of the Cross (December 14)
  • O Antiphons (December 17-23)
  • Bambinelli Sunday (December 17)
  • Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Dec 18)
  • St Abraham, St Isaac, St Jacob (December 20)
  • St Thomas, St Peter Canisius (December 21)
  • St John of Kanty (December 23)
  • The Birth of Jesus (December 25)
  • St Stephen (December 26)
  • St John Apostle (December 27)
  • Holy Innocents (December 28)
  • St Thomas Becket (December 29)
  • Feast of the Holy Family (December 31)

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Season of the Liturgical Calendar: Advent!

The Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar is a great way to countdown the days until Christmas. You’ll find lots of chocolate covered ones in the stores now, but you can make your own and fill it with dollarstore Nativity figures, holy medals, Saint pegs, Super Saints, printable Advent Quest challenges and of course your favorite treats or chocolates. There are so many ways to make an Advent Calendar (including this one we made years ago) and we found 35 [Awesome} DIY Advent Calendars here.

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Equipping Catholic Families…with awesome resources for Catholic Moms!

Sorry, the Catholic Mom Bundle is no longer available …but stay tuned for the first ever Easter Catholic Mom Bundle as Lent and Easter approach…

I am participating in the first ever CatholicMomBundle of awesome Catholic resources available for this week only! You will see my Special Edition Prayer Journal Prompts and Prayers craft kit among the 12 e-books, smartphone wallpapers and mom and marriage e-courses.

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Equipping Catholic Families …for Advent!

This Sunday is the Feast of Christ the King…the last Sunday of the Liturgical Year, which means that Advent will be here very soon! It’s time to dust off the Advent Candles (make sure we have them!) and the Jesse Tree ornaments and the Advent Calendar!

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Deals and Bundles for Stocking Stuffers, Gifts and Sacrament Prep!

Our best Deals and Bundles for Stocking Stuffers, Christmas Gifts and Sacrament Prep!

Click the Add to Cart~Arma Dei Shoppe buttons to find these special links to the Arma Dei Shoppe, while supplies last!

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Keeping Advent, Advent

Advent is coming! Do you have resolutions for Keeping Advent, Advent this year?

Over the years, we have tried a number of Advent activities and devotions and I’ve compiled a Photo Gallery of them!

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Feast Day Fun: Holy Family!

This is one of my favorite Feast Days of the whole Liturgical Calendar!

The Feast of the Holy Family!

I’ve made a number of Holy Family/ Nativity sets over the years. This was a gift for Bill, the Christmas before we were married. The figures were loosely based on patterns I found in a magazine…and the clothing and the stable were architected improvised with limited sewing skills.

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Kelly Saints Christmas Ornaments

Just recently, we released the Kelly Saints Blessing Cards…a craft kit to print your own stash of All Catholic Occasion Greeting Cards! With the purchase of the kit, you have permission to copy, so you can print another collection of awesome Catholic cards, add invitation envelopes and put them in a dollar store gift box…and give them to your favorite Catholic penpal or serious greeting-card-sender. Great for Grandmas who love to send hand-written notes, but can’t readily hit Hallmark.

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Nesting… for Sock Baby Jesus

Sometimes despite our best intentions, some of our Advent programs or devotionals start to wane in the second or third week. We get behind in our Jesse Tree Ornaments…or miss the Advent devotionals altogether as we rush through the hectic days before Christmas. We’re doing our best…

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