Prompt Me to Pray through Advent and Christmas

Prompt Me to Pray through ADVENT is a 16 page 8.5″x5.5″ booklet that introduces a practical plan for more consistent prayer from the heart, particularly during the Liturgical Season of Advent. Particular experiences and circumstances within these four weeks before Advent can be associated with opportunities to pray. This booklet offers prayers as well as prayer journal prompts to make the most of Advent and the early celebration of Christmas, to dig deeper into prayer as we prepare our hearts for the Arrival of Jesus.

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Equipping Catholic Families…for ADVENT!

ADVENT is in THREE weeks! We can help you prepare for the Season of Preparation.

The Feast of Christ the King is coming! We’ve got a Craft Kit for that!

Easy as Abacus Divine Mercy plus Christ the King Novena is an easy-to-assemble Craft to keep track of prayers for the Novena of Christ the King as well as the Divine Mercy Chaplet!

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Equipping Catholic Families for November Saints

Equipping Catholic Families for November Saints!

Welcome to our monthly summary of crafts and family traditions related to the Monthly Devotion, Key Feast Days and the appropriate Season of the Liturgical Calendar.

Hey, are you ready for the NEW Liturgical Calendar starting December 1st?

We’ve got the NEW 2021-2022 Wall Calendar for Every Day Catholics and it includes November and December of 2021 plus all of 2022, illustrated with our unique Super Saints for Feast Days and Monthly Devotions plus a couple bonus templates for Catholic lists and logs!

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{Movie Review} Bridge of Roses: Our OWN Miraculous Marian Shrine and Pilgrimage Site in CANADA!

I’m so excited to share news of this brand NEW documentary of our own Miraculous, Marian Shrine and Pilgrimage Site in Canada!

The video is so nicely created with a reenactment of The Story of Our Lady of the Cape (starring my favorite Bishop, Bishop Scott McCaig and Fr. Ben St. Croix) and featuring inspiring interviews from two of my favorite Companions of the Cross, Fr. Roger Vandenakker and Fr. Mark Goring, as well as Fr. Donald Calloway  of the Marians of the Immaculate Conception.

We are so blessed to have Our Lady of the Cape; our own National Shrine in Quebec, Canada!

“Bridge of Roses: The Story of Our Lady of the Cape is a faith-affirming documentary that recounts the remarkable story of Cap-de-la-Madeleine near Trois Rivieres, Quebec – its missionaries, miracles and 400 year relationship with the Mother of God.”

from our National Shrine Notre Dame du Cap

I purchased the digital download of the movie for just $11 and watched it on Vimeo.

Check out this awesome movie  here: Bridge of Roses

I was also SO excited to hear about the giant Marian Congress held in our nation’s Capital in 1947!

and… I eagerly enrolled in the Rosary Confraternity at joining a minimum of three rosaries each week with thousands praying around the world!

Rosary Crafts to help your family pray the Rosary regularly!



Cathletics Craft Kits: Up Close! {Cathletics Key Cards: Trinity Pack}

Years ago, we sold 18 different themed Cathletics Key Cards and they were a big hit with Sacrament classes, homeschooling and Godchild gifts!

They were laminated cards, carefully assembled individually or in bulk. The spinning color flap reveals and covers the answers related to each category within the theme of the card.

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Printed Saints Calendar NOW available!

After receiving a few special requests, we’ve decided to make our 12-month 2022 Vertical (Fastened&Flipped) Saints Calendar available, already quality-color-printed-and-assembled with the whole-punched, laminated Super Saints backing.

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2021-2022 Calendars and Planners for Every Day Catholics!

Our NEW Saints Calendars and Planners are NOW available for 2022!

Invite the Saints into your EVERY DAY with these Saints Calendar Printables!

The Arma Dei SAINTS Calendar is available in THREE different formats!

Vertical Saints Calendar with 160 Stickies and 56 Lists and Logs (PDF)

The 25 page Wall Calendar Kit includes a 16 month calendar (illustrated with the Kelly Saints on key Feast Days!) as well as Lists and Logs Templates which include:

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Catholic Crafts and Traditions for October

Welcome to our monthly summary of crafts and family traditions for October Saints, the Monthly Devotion of the Rosary and organized and prayerful Ordinary Time!

I think October is my favorite month for Saints with my favorites St. Therese and St. John Paul IISee the time we stood up the Pope 

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The Time I met Jesus on a Park Bench

So much of what we do each day is experienced through our senses. In conversation with others, we hear them, we see them, we experience our surroundings (even if we’re on Zoom!) and it is tangible. When we pray in mental prayer, from the silence of our hearts, we can lose sight of Whom we are praying to, perhaps sabotaging our efforts to be vulnerable, desensitizing ourselves, and impersonalizing our relationship with Jesus, because we can’t easily perceive or imagine His Presence.

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A Stained Glass Rosary: Book Review

I’m so happy to receive A Stained Glass Rosary available at Thy Olive Tree for review!

Kate has the BRILLIANT idea of semi-transparent textured die-cut stickers to place on each printed rosary tracker on each decade page. Her stickers are available in her shop: Rosary Bead Stickers

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