Anticipating Advent

Here’s a summary of our most-loved Advent Traditions and the Heirloom Crafts we dig out year after year!

1. The Jesse Tree!

The Jesse Tree Tradition features Biblical ornaments tracing the lineage of Jesus through the Old Testament to the Nativity in the New Testament.

Here’s the kit I used to make our own Heirloom Jesse Tree using my Handprint Family Tree Banner:
Faith and Fabric Jesse Tree 

The Mosaic Jesse Tree by To Jesus Sincerely

2. The Advent CALENDAR

The Advent Calendar is another favorite Advent Tradition. There are always chocolate-filled paper Advent Calendars and now there are more and more toy-filled Advent Calendars, but we like to pack our Advent days with Faith-filled ornaments, Advent activities, prompts to pray, Jesse Tree Ornaments or Saints’ surprises.

Some of our printable Craft Kits offer Faith-filled Advent day treats including Advent Prayer Pockets,  Prayer Prompts, Jesse Tree ornaments and Saints stamps!

…OR the easy-to-print-and-color adapted-for-2023 Jesse Tree Advent Calendar Printable 
offers Jesse Tree-themed colorable day squares and extra templates with Jesse Tree Ornaments and the St Andrew Novena Prayer Counter!


3. The Advent Wreath

The Advent Calendar is a brilliant centerpiece for the table with candles to light on each Sunday of Advent!
See Prayers for the Advent Wreath below!

We’ve used a few different Advent Wreaths over the years. Sometimes, we’ve used fresh boughs, sometimes we’ve used a fake advent wreath.

Sometimes we’ve been organized enough to have the 3 purple candles and 1 rose candle on hand; other years we’ve transformed white votive candles or white tapered candles (with purple and pink ribbons).

Dollarstore Votive Candles transformed for the Advent Wreath

Advent Mailbox Wreath



4. Nativity Activity and BONUS: Sock Baby Jesus!

The Nativity is a classic Advent and Christmas centerpiece on display in our home throughout Advent and Christmas, although the Baby Jesus is hidden until after Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve!

Easy Graham Cracker Nativity

Painted Saint Nativity

Homemade Nativities

DIY Wooden Stable

Sock Baby Jesus in a Clementine Crib!

This is both a favorite craft, a treasured decoration, and a helpful tradition to incent good behavior during Advent!

The Sock Baby Jesus is so fun to make, but is actually hidden away during the weeks of Advent. The No-Mess String Straw is pulled out as good deeds/behavior is recognized and prayers are said, each day leading up to Christmas, (to make the bed nice and comfy for the Baby Jesus on Christmas Eve!)

This adorable Sock Baby Jesus is SO easy to make with a white sport sock, some stuffing, a couple of elastics, a sharpie, and some fabric scraps. A ball of yellow yarn can be used for NO-MESS string straw, to cushion the bed in the Clementine Crib.

Advent PRAYER:

Prompt Me to Pray through Advent

Illustrated PDF Booklet in the Arma Dei Shoppe!




Around the Advent Wreath by Lisa Hendey
See Book Review!

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