Easy Graham Cracker Nativity

Kids home from school and looking for an easy Christmas Craft focused on Jesus’ Birth? Here’s an easy way to make an edible Nativity with graham crackers and icing. I actually purchased a couple different types of cookies, just in case, but you really only need graham crackers.

I used a small milk carton as formwork, but it’s totally possible to glue the walls to the base and the roof to the walls with icing, just by holding them in place, or bolstering them by leaning them up against boxes (or other cookies!)






This size nativity is perfect for my small-sized Painted Saints, but images of the Holy Family (cut out of a Christmas card), work just as well! We have a stash of religious Christmas cards we’ve received and I found many with figures that were the right size!

I even found a set of Nativity foam stickers ( I purchased at the DollarStore) that were a perfect fit for the Graham Cracker Nativity.


Want to see some other Nativities we’ve made?

DIY Wood Nativity

We made this simple Stable out of pine with just a couple cuts, a few screws and wood glue. This is now my favorite Wedding Gift for young Catholic couples, as I purchase a set of 6″ or 8″ handpainted figures to go with it!

Painted Saints in a Cardboard Box Nativity

I made this little Nativity out of a cardboard box from the DollarStore, some popsicle sticks and some paint and glue! It’s a perfect size for our miniature Painted Saints! These Painted Saints are miniature versions of the Printable Peg Dolls from Catholic Icing. The bodies are printed and decoupaged; you only need to paint the head!


These are a few examples of homemade Nativity Figures we’ve made over the years using felt and fabric, toilet paper rolls and egg cartons! They are all straight out of my original book A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families.


Homemade Nativities

This fabric Nativity is over 25 years old! I designed and made this for our family, I think the year before we got married!  The kids always love little Baby Jesus in the sling with the fuzzy hair.  I did work from a pattern for the bodies of the figures, but the faces and hair and clothing were crafted to the best of my sewing ability. They’re pretty unique! See my post on Homemade Nativities from 2013!

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