DIY Advent Wreath with Dollar Store Votive Candles

Well, I wasn’t able to make our Advent wreath this year with our Parish Women’s Group, so when I saw Kendra’s quick DIY Advent Wreath at Catholic All Year with Dollar Store Votive Candles, I just couldn’t resist.

The only problem: our Dollar Store doesn’t carry any pink or purple votive candles! I’m not one to compromise with Liturgical Colors so I opted for white candles…and a plan.

I was a little skeptical about how easily the labels could be removed…and it did feel a little disrespectful removing the labels, but after soaking the candles in cold water for just a few minutes, they peeled off remarkably easily. No scraping required!

I thought that I could probably paint the glass jars, but I opted to glue torn strips of purple (and pink) tissue paper, layering the strips horizontally on the jars. I made sure to use a straight edge piece at the top and bottom.

Even though we were crafting…only about an hour before she would be singing a solo in our Parish pageant (!), Bridget couldn’t resist joining me in this relaxing craft. It really didn’t take long (maybe 30 minutes?) to prep the jars (remove the labels), cover them with overlapping strips of tissue paper and paint a little extra (watered down) glue on top for a final coating.

I think the overlapped tissue paper and the inevitable creases or wrinkles here and there will look really pretty when the candles are lit!

I trimmed 2 small dangling branches from one of our trees…and now we have our Advent Wreath!



  1. Tammy Cordery says:

    What a great idea.

    • This is a awesome advent wreath. With a new kitten running around he was attracted to the flame,no matter how high up it was he was going to investigate.I couldn’t turn my back for a minute,for fear he would knock something over now no problem and prepared a extra candle just in case. Thank you for such a good idea. I’m passing this one on.

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