Nesting… for Sock Baby Jesus

Sometimes despite our best intentions, some of our Advent programs or devotionals start to wane in the second or third week. We get behind in our Jesse Tree Ornaments…or miss the Advent devotionals altogether as we rush through the hectic days before Christmas. We’re doing our best…

…and I’m not above pulling out another Advent favorite mid-way through the Season.

Perfect timing for last minute prep…or Nesting for the Baby Jesus!


I took out our Clementine Box Crib and got the string ready for the No Mess String Straw.

For every good deed, deliberate good behavior, sacrifice or extra prayer, the kids are allowed to pull some string from the secret compartment (bottom layer under the scrap fabric blanket) to warm up the crib for baby Jesus. Suddenly, I’m getting new dedication to good deeds and I’ve got a handy incentive for good behavior. It’s working for 5 year old Adam!

Since we started this today, the crib is a little sparse, but we’re hoping that it will look like this over the next 2 weeks when Sock Baby Jesus arrives after Midnight Mass.

Nesting for Sock Baby Jesus

Every part of this adorable Sock Baby Jesus in a Clementine Crib is easy and cheap!


Sock Baby Jesus is made with

  • an orphaned white sock (actually an anklet sock, but it worked out ok!)
  • 2 elastics
  • some pillow stuffing
  • a scrap of blue fleece
  • a light colored Sharpie marker



no-mess-straw-for-clementine-criband the Clementine Crib is made with an empty wooden orange crate (easy to find this time of year!) and some scrap fabric. We haven’t even used glue or a staple gun!

Fabric scraps can easily be used for blankets as we did in the first year…but last year we discovered No Mess String Straw!

Just one ball of pale yellow string tucked under the blanket in the crib (with one end sticking out) and it’s ready to pull …to fill the crib with every good deed or prayer.


At the end of the season, we’ll wind up the string on an empty toilet paper roll (with the first end sticking out), slide the string off of the roll and it will be ready for next year.

We have noticed with some eager string-pulling-hands…rearranging the string in the crib, the string can get a little tangled. We untangle it as best we can, but we’re not afraid to cut out small knotted messes and tie a knot for a new continuous ball of string.



A comfy crib for Baby Jesus!

Sock Baby Jesus with string straw in a clementine box crib



Adam with Sock Baby Jesus 2 years ago



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