No Mess Straw for Sock Baby Jesus

1. Last year, I made a Sock Baby Jesus in a Clementine Box Crib and it was SO EASY and SO CUTE and was made completely from a lone sock, some fabric scraps and a clementine crate!

no mess straw for clementine crib
2. This year, I was inspired by Tracy at Slice of Smith Life with her post about all of her family Advent traditions and the fact that she uses string for straw in her manger.

3. Like many families, we like the tradition of hosting an empty Nativity crib throughout Advent, anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby Jesus on Christmas Eve. With each extra prayer, good deed or sacrifice, children can add straw to the crib, making it extra comfy for Jesus.

4. With Adam in mind…I decided that I would hide a spool of yellow yarn within the Clementine Crib and deliberately NOT cut the yarn into little pieces.

5. I discovered…that ONE of the ends (pulled from the center of the spool) actually feeds nicely from the inside out. If this end of the yarn is pulled gently, the spool can stay tucked away inside the crib.

6. I decided that if I can teach the kids to pull one wound-fist-of-yarn at a time (for each good deed or special sacrifice that they do), the yarn will collect into a mound of messy straw-yarn and it actually won’t really be a mess at all.

7. At the end of the season, I can carefully wind the string around a toilet paper roll…leaving that first end sticking out. When I remove the toilet paper roll, the string should gently feed from the inside out again and we’ll be good-to-go for next year!


Doesn’t Sock Baby Jesus look comfy?

No Mess Straw for JesusReady to make your own Sock Baby Jesus in a Clementine Box Crib?



  1. This is such a great idea! I always leave the crib empty during advent. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Adorable and neat – a perfect combination in my book! I love the idea of allowing them to pull a bit out at a time!

  3. I tried commenting a few days ago and for some reason it didn’t “take.” Trying again! I LOVE the sock Baby Jesus, and want to do this with my grandchildren… thank you!

  4. I thought I had a lone comment…but don’t see it. I’m just testing the comment-thingy in case THAT”S WHY I don’t get any comments. =) Thanks to anyone else who tries this sucker out.

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