Holy Week Links and Activities

Recommended Stations of the Cross on YouTube: Liguori Stations of the Cross

Palm Sunday

  • Sharing palms, displaying Palms
  • Palm/Handprint cutout wreath (it’s not TOO late!)

Spy Wednesday

  • 30 Coins Hidden
  • Tenebrae means “shadow” or “darkness.” The Liturgy of the Hours is chanted and with the completion of each reading, a candle is extinguished until the church is pitch black.  For Tenebrae at Home: Tenebrae Script from loavesandfishesministry.com

Tenebrae Service will be streamed from St. Michael’s Cathedral at 7:30pm on Wednesday: Streamed Masses and Liturgies

Holy Thursday

Washing of the Feet (as Jesus washed the Apostles’ Feet)
Visit of 7 Churches Tradition

Seder Supper 
Passover Haggadah: A Guide to the Seder by Jewish Federation

Simplified Seder Supper Printable from Monica
Use code: Seder2021 to get the printable for FREE
in her shoppe: Arma Dei Seder Supper Printable

Good Friday

Good Friday is a solemn day of fasting and abstinence:

Abstinence binds all Catholics from 14 years old and up to abstain from meat.
Fasting  binds all adults from 18-60 to limit eating to 2 small meals and a 3rd meal no larger than the other 2 put together. Pregnant women and adults with relevant health issues are exempt from fasting.

Some people have a Symbolic Tea or Lunch for Good Friday with simple snacks that represent the Suffering and Death of Jesus and Bible Readings throughout.


Symbolic Lenten Lunch at Catholic Icing (FREE!)

Symbolic Holy Week and Easter Cookbook Printable

Excellent resources with lots of easy, kid-friendly but meaningful recipes and traditions for Holy Week and Easter.
Available at Catholic Icing.





Remembering that Good Friday was when the real Stations of the Cross actually took place, here are some Stations of the Cross Crafts!

The Stations of the Cross Grotto set is definitely the most time-consuming craft of the bunch (pictured above), but these little grottos are well worth the effort, as we can just pull them out of our Lent box, year after year. They are available at Illuminated Ink.

The Jesus doll is actually a DIY makeover of a TY Beanie doll. Remember those?

And here are some of the Catholic Crafts we’ve made with the Stations of the Cross, Divine Mercy and Works of Mercy Craft Kits, we have created and made available through our Arma Dei shoppe:

Our Stations of the Cross Craft Kit includes FOUR different types of templates to help you paint them, make votive candles, flipbooks, accordion books, table displays and tokens.

Illustrated with the Kelly Saints….

Easy as Abacus Stations of the Cross Craft Kit

The Easy as Abacus Stations of the Cross Craft Kit offers prayers and clipart to customize a Stations of the Cross Abacus made from a Dollarstore square framed canvas. The strung Pony beads are perfect for little fingers to count the 14 Stations of the Cross. The kit includes several templates of the Stations of the Cross including a coloring page and summary sheet.

The Easy as Abacus Divine Mercy Craft Kit

Lenten Pack of Prayers including Stations of the Cross, the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Printables of Prayer Tools

Divine Mercy Craft Kit

Works of Mercy Craft Kit


Stations of the Cross Crafts

Movie Recommendations:

if you are not giving up screens on this day:

Ben Hur
Jesus of Nazareth (last half with the Last Supper and Passion and Death of Jesus)
The Passion

Passion Play Crafts

Egg Carton Passion Play

Painted Saints Passion Play with Peg People Printable from Catholic Icing

Painted Saint Passion Play from 2014



Easter Sunday and Octave of Easter

Movie Recommendations

Resurrection (NEW MOVIE on Discovery+ by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett)
I will be posting a review of this beautiful movie…as soon as I figure out more ways to view it in Canada.

ALSO the Divine Mercy Novena starts on Good Friday! Sign up for the prayers delivered each day to your inbox:
Pray More Novenas: Divine Mercy


Prompt Me to Pray through Easter

by Monica McConkey

PDF Download
OR Printed and Shipped to USA  or Canada

Prompt Me to Pray through EASTER journeys through the 50 days of Easter, including Divine Mercy Sunday, the Ascension of Jesus, and ending on the Solemnity of Pentecost. It’s a 44-page booklet with scripture, illustrations, and prayer prompts offering dispositions or practices for deeper prayer. Reflections include: Grateful Unshakeable Joy, Abiding in His Presence, Courageous Vulnerability, Trust in the Divine Mercy of Jesus, Humble Surrender, Bold Confidence in God’s Love and Enkindled with Extravagant Grace.

Prompt Me to Pray through Holy Week

PDF Download

Each of the 8 days, offers an illustrated Prompt to Pray. We reflect on a Scriptural account of what Jesus did and taught, explore the virtue He exemplifies, and receive a Prompt to Pray, more consistently and from the heart!

This Booklet contains a subset of content from Prompt Me to Pray through Lent, focusing specifically on Holy Week.

Do not purchase this Prompt Me to Pray through Holy Week PDF,
if you already have Prompt Me to Pray through Lent.

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