Stations of the Cross at Home!

We’ve got some crafts to help your family pray the Stations of the Cross at home!


Over the years, we have collected and created Catholic Crafts to help pray the Stations of the Cross with kids. With this Covid pandemic continuing on, a second Lent, Holy Week and Triduum at home is definitely a possibility. Here are some links for some Catholic Printables that are already researched and formatted. Most are easy assembly, just print (assemble sometimes) and pray!

  • Lenten traditions with “Feast Fast Feria Family Lent” from Barefoot Abbey
  • A full set of peg dolls with “Printable Peg Doll Wraps- The Passion Set” from Catholic Icing. Check out the Miniature Passion Play Peg Dolls I made using Lacy’s Printable Peg Doll wraps a couple years ago! Miniature Passion Play Peg Dolls  You can make them too!
  • The Stations of the Cross Spinwheel from ME at Arma Dei
  • Study the Passion for young children with “Stations of the Cross for Families with Young Children” from Elevator to Heaven

Sorry, the Catholic Mom Bundle is no longer available.


The Stations of the Cross Grotto set is definitely the most time-consuming craft of the bunch (pictured above), but these little grottos are well worth the effort, as we can just pull them out of our Lent box, year after year. They are available at Illuminated Ink.

The Jesus doll is actually a DIY makeover of a TY Beanie doll. Remember those?

And here are some of the Catholic Crafts we’ve made with the Stations of the Cross, Divine Mercy and Works of Mercy Craft Kits, we have created and made available through our Arma Dei shoppe:

Our Stations of the Cross Craft Kit includes FOUR different types of templates to help you paint them, make votive candles, flipbooks, accordion books, table displays and tokens.

Illustrated with the Kelly Saints….

Easy as Abacus Stations of the Cross Craft Kit

The Easy as Abacus Stations of the Cross Craft Kit offers prayers and clipart to customize a Stations of the Cross Abacus made from a Dollarstore square framed canvas. The strung Pony beads are perfect for little fingers to count the 14 Stations of the Cross. The kit includes several templates of the Stations of the Cross including a coloring page and summary sheet.

The Easy as Abacus Divine Mercy Craft Kit

Divine Mercy Craft Kit

Works of Mercy Craft Kit



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