My Best Way to Pray

I tend to zone out a little watching the news and I absorb political news about as much as I retain medical details. Not very well.

I’m just not that opinionated. I have to push myself to be critical when writing book reviews and it takes me a little time to decide if I really like the movie I just saw..or maybe just the event of watching a movie in a big dark theatre and eating popcorn with quiet kids.

I guess I do have some expertise…from raising 5 kids over almost 21 years, but I don’t really volunteer advice, because I just don’t feel like I have it all figured out. It’s a process.


What I really want to talk about, but actually rarely do….what’s your best way to pray? How do you connect personally with Jesus?

How’s it going? How well do you know Jesus and how have you recognized Him working in your life?

Not to convey some fine wisdom I’ve acquired or criticize another’s approach…but because what works for me….well, excites me more than I ever talk about.


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Classical prayers by rote …or even right-out-of-a-PrayerBook read-prayers are beautiful and way more articulate than me.

And probably the focus and care with which you say your Rosary fast-tracks you to holiness.

Yes, the practice of praying, the discipline of devotion is all well and good, but I’m brought to my knees by talking with Him and learning to listen. Kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament, looking at Him looking at me, I’m going to assume I’m picking up some good graces.


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I’m still learning to pray….and most people don’t hear me pray out loud, but in my own quiet prayertime….I have found my closest connection with Jesus often comes from writing my prayer.

I read from a good spiritual book, jot down a couple lines of what I read (reflecting on what sticks out) and I write the Lord a question or two. Then, I write like my hand is on fire, hoping that even a fraction of the words I’m scribbling might pack a punch from the Holy Spirit.

Some of my best moments, the closest I’ve felt to Jesus….have been words I’ve written in my prayer journal: reflections on Scripture or other Spiritual Reading…or answers to questions I’ve asked Jesus in prayer. And I usually don’t read them until weeks later.


My spiritual director accidentally found this excerpt I quietly published from my prayer journal in a quiet corner of my blog…and he had to call me to check if I actually wrote it myself. I’m going to take that as a compliment… and a high five from the Holy Spirit.

The more encouraged I get about prayer journaling…the more tools I come up with to try entice others to prayer journal too.

If prayer journaling appeals to you…check out our Prayer Impressions Journal Stamps.

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In my desire for a custom on-the-fly prayer journal that can be inspiring and personal and prompt me to get personal with Jesus, I created a system of Prayer Journal Prompts, printed out as labels to customize the cheapest of dollarstore notebooks. I’m loving this.

Because these Prayer Journal Prompts labels have worked so well for me, I created the Prayer Journal Prompts Craft Kit and you can read about it here: Prayer Journal Prompts Craft Kit or purchase your kit at the Arma Dei Shoppe.


Prayer Journal Prompts are also offered as a Workshop Kit for your favorite Womens’ Group! You can read about it here: Workshop Kit or purchase your kit at the Arma Dei Shoppe.

In my spiritual life I’ve been directed to ask or plead for God’s Help less…and with more gratefulness and expectationassume that The Lord wants to answer my prayer, expect that He’s already on it, and realize my inherent worth and dignity as His Daughter.

I need to assume that The Lord already knows my need and just plain thank Him for what He’s already doing, even if I don’t have a grip on what that is and especially when it doesn’t match my little plan.

I recently experienced my questions actually answered by the Lord in my prayer journal and a couple months later…I am still blown away and keep these words close to my heart. Just like Fr. Jacques Philippe told us at a recent mission at our Parish,

the Lord has a secret for each one of us

…and I think I received mine…right there in my prayer journal!

What questions do you have for the Lord…and when are you going to share them directly with Jesus…and listen intently for His Answers in your heart?

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