Prayer Impressions: NEW! Journal Stamps!


Today… I’m happy to launch our NEW Prayer ImpressionsTM Stamps for Prayer Journals, Daytimers, Planners and Bible Journaling!

I’ve been having these custom stamps made now for a couple years for my own prayer journals and calendars and I’ve finally figured out how to offer them to others! These stamps have changed the way I (try to) keep organized, they’ve transformed the pages of my prayer journals and these Prayer ImpressionsTM stamps have helped me pray.


Over the years, my best and most consistent prayer has been a daily routine of reading Scripture or spiritual reading, summarizing a key point or quote that struck me…and writing my prayer from there. I know that I need a quiet place, preferably with no distractions or interruptions (usually when everyone else is asleep) and I begin by praying for guidance from the Holy Spirit. It’s important to collect my thoughts, package up all my little worries and distractions and write them down, reflect on what I have just been reading or ask Jesus a question about it…and write down whatever comes into my head. If I’m really earnestly seeking the guidance and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit…I really believe that the words on the page are not all my own and I feel an awesome connection with the Lord.


I’ve just opened the Prayer ImpressionsTM Stamp Shop over at Arma Dei.

Prayer ImpressionsTM  are quality Wooden-handled Rubber Stamps formatted to offer checklists and note-taking templates to transform prayer journals, calendars and Bible Journaling to reflect prayer, spiritual growth and healthy living.


Transform the simplest of notebooks into a customized prayer journal or highlight insights or questions recorded in the margins of your Bible or favorite spiritual reading.


Stamp your way to a well-organized calendar or daytimer, easily customizing each day to fit your needs and your life.


See how I’ve used my new Prayer ImpressionsTM stamps to sync my schedule with the Saints or visit my SHOP to pick out your own!

We’ve got 17 stamps so far…and ideas for a whole lot more!




  1. These are incredible, Monica! I can picture a million different ways to use them. You are so smart and creative!

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