Sync your Schedule with the Saints!

How is your new school year turning out? This September, I decided to get a little more organized and try out a couple Planners, a new approach to prayer journaling, take a stab at bullet journaling and reign in a plethora of passwords.Schedule Using a Planner!
I checked out a number of secular planners and calendars including cheap little ones from the dollar store and this beautiful Happy Planner.

Stickers for Scheduling Using a Planner

I liked the colorful cover and the nice format of the Planner and decided to convert it to Catholic with my 461 Saint Stickies craft kit.

I like to sync my schedule with the Saints! I can easily add Kelly Saint pics for Feast Days, Monthly devotions, special prayer intentions, Sacrament celebrations across the days of the 16 month calendar.

Saint Stickers for Calendar

The Saint Stickies craft kit can be printed on full page label paper, but I choose to get the color pages printed on regular stock at Staples, adding double-sided sticky tape in rows on the back of the pages. It’s a little tedious, but I would need to cut the stickers out anyway, and it saves quite a bit of money.

Catholic Planner

If this looks like a lot of work (it is!)…you can order this awesome Catholic Planner from Catholic Sistas.

See my Review for Catholic Through the Year Planner from last week.

Saint Stickers for Catholic Planner

I also have a new project that has transformed the way I use both my planner and my prayer journal! Details…and a new product line will be unveiled after I return from a crazy October Adventure/Pilgrimage I’ve been blessed to go on very soon. Follow me on Instagram or our Arma Dei: Equipping Catholic Families FB page to #guesswhereIam

Password Vault

Looking to reign in a plethora of passwords? Check out my DIY Old School Password Vault!

I first wrote how to Sync your Schedule with the Saints over at CatholicMom earlier this month.



  1. I love the “Pray For ” stamp you have stamped in your planner. Where do I get one ?

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