Super Saints: NEW Saints Game!

Top Trumps is a UNIVERSE of cool card games! It’s played kind of like the playing card game WAR, but incorporating and comparing numeric facts of your favorite movie characters, countries, book characters, wonders of the world…

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Teacher Gifts: All Occasion Saints Cards!

Up here in Canada…we’re just hitting our LAST DAY of school for our elementary school kids! That’s right…both elementary and high schools finish near the end of June: not a moment too soon!

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30 Ways to play with the Saints!

Last year, 15 year old Kelly sketched 42 Saints for me for our Saint Scripts Craft Kits.

You can make your flipbook of Saint postcards with the Saint Scripts Craft Kits!

In the spring, I formatted the collection of Saints into little templates for the Kelly Saints Stamps Craft Kit.

Here’s a quick index of the ways to use this one craft kit, Kelly Saints Stamps:

Convert classic games to be Catholic, using the templates to make Saint game pieces!

Connect 4 Game

Guess Who

Pressman Toy Checkers Board Games

The Kelly Saints Stamps templates are formatted in different layouts, different sizes and 2 different backgrounds. They can but cut into individual square stamps or into perfect circles with various sized circle punches…like this one: Martha Stewart Crafts Punch, 1-Inch Circle

Once cut, the Kelly Saints Stamps can be used in so many ways!

that's right...there are some Amazon Affiliate links in this post, in case you don't already have these classic family games. It's true that with your purchase through these links, I could puff up my $6.84 affiliate balance over at Amazon to 10 whole dollars and qualify for a gift card...holding my breath. =)

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DIY Catholic Kinder Surprise

…for the 50 Days of Easter!

We’re about HALF WAY through LENT! How are your Lenten resolutions and programs going? Are you doing any of the 40 Ways for 40 Days?

Some of our resolutions and Lenten practices have been difficult to sustain and I am reminded once again for the need to recommit and refocus…each of these 40 days of Lent!  Looking ahead to Easter…I remember that

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A Meet and Greet with the Saints

I just recently painted our family on wooden pegs, complete with Grandpa, Grandma and Uncle Steve.

I’m actually working on another special craft to use with the Wooden Painted Saints for Holy Week and I’ve had a lot of helpers eager to paint…and entertain the little painted peg people.

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Sneak a Peek at our Office, while we’re at IHM!

Welcome to Equipping Catholic Families! We are currently attending the Immaculate Heart of Mary Conference in Fredericksburg, VA.

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Playtime with the Saints

In 2012, I painted quite a few wooden dolls into saints.

I came up with a few fun ways to use the Wooden Saint Dolls…like the Saints-To-Go in an Altoids tin…for travel!

I decided to dig them out again…and once again find things my kids love to do…and add the Saints!

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a Year of Faith Gift for Teacher

 Continuing with our series Unique Gifts for Catholic Teachers and Catechists, here is another unique DIY Gift idea!

The Year of Faith Tower Tumble template includes 2 pages of Catechism categories and answers, specially formatted to fit the Jumbling Tower or  JENGA®  blocks.

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another Unique Catholic Teacher Gift!

Continuing with our series on Unique Gifts for Catholic Teachers, Catechists and Grandparents, how about creating a personalized Prayerbook with the help of our All Season Prayer Bank Craft Kit?

A few weeks ago, I shared my own Pinterest Prayer Book, incorporating awesome artwork collected on Pinterest with our favorite family prayers.  I used a travel photo album purchased at Walmart and added our favorite holy card images, prayer cards, unique religious artwork and printed prayers from the prayer-packed craft kit.

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Guess Who needs a Catholic Teacher Gift?

This post is a continuation of a new series on Unique Gifts for Catholic Teachers, Catechists and Grandparents! Our Guess Who?! series of FREE printables have been very popular this year: Guess Who?! The Saints! Guess Who?! The Cardinals! Guess Who?! The Popes! How about printing all three, laminating and trimming the templates and including them with a purchased game of Guess Who?! If I have configured this right, I may get a small commission through your purchase of the Guess Who? game through this link.  Rest assured…the $3.53 I have made so far through the Amazon affiliate program (in 2 years!) will be put to good use…as soon as I reach the minimum $10 threshold to receive a gift card or check! =)  Thanks for your support! The Guess Who?! templates are FREE for private use. (Please do not print these templates for items to be sold and please don’t make copies of these digital files:  instead, please recommend www.equippingCatholicfamilies to friends and let them discover their own favorite Catholic Printables as they become subscribers of Equipping Catholic Families  or  “like” our facebook page ). The templates can be printed, secured to bristol board or contruction paper and laminated on one side with a roll of clear adhesive from the dollar store.  Please check the finished size and how it fits within the plastic Guess Who? form.  (You will want to open the box anyway…to include the new Guess Who? templates inside.) Don’t forget to print your own set of templates for your family Guess Who? game!  It’s easier to print, laminate and trim the templates all at once…than to do them as separate projects, one gift at a time! THREE Guess Who?! Catholic Printables: FREE 1 Guess Who? game: <$15 Total for assembled craft kit/ awesome Catholic Teacher Gift: under $15 Lasting, Catholic Gift for your favorite Teacher: priceless =)   Stay tunes for more Unique Gifts for Catholic Teachers, Catechists and Grandparents!

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