A Meet and Greet with the Saints


I just recently painted our family on wooden pegs, complete with Grandpa, Grandma and Uncle Steve.

I’m actually working on another special craft to use with the Wooden Painted Saints for Holy Week and I’ve had a lot of helpers eager to paint…and entertain the little painted peg people.

I decided to dig out our old Fisher Price castle and Adam spent a long time orchestrating a meet and greet between with our family members and the Wooden Painted Saints.

saints in a castle

Our Fisher Price castle has seen better days. It is missing a few pieces…and it’s been soaked, frozen and sun-bleached.

…And all the little knights have been evacuated to make room for Wooden Painted Saints and our new painted peg family.


saints in a turret

Looks like there’s a party going on in the tower.


Looks like Emily and St Jude have had a little too much fun.


mingling saints

The Fisher Price castle has been a lot of fun for Adam to play with…He doesn’t even seem to miss the knights and weaponry…or the missing tower or two.

I like how our new painted peg family members easily mingle with the painted saints.

Maybe this is what heaven will be like!



I like to introduce our Wooden Painted Saints into a lot of the play sets we have collected over the years.  Check out Playtime with the Saints! and see how well our Wooden Painted Saints fit in with our Lego, Strawberry Shortcake, Fisher Price and Lincoln logs!



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