Playtime with the Saints


In 2012, I painted quite a few wooden dolls into saints.

saints 2 goI came up with a few fun ways to use the Wooden Saint Dolls…like the Saints-To-Go in an Altoids tin…for travel!

I decided to dig them out again…and once again find things my kids love to do…and add the Saints!

My kids have all enjoyed play-acting with Little People, Lego People, Polly Pockets, Littlest Pet Shop, Kelly dolls, Barbies, Disney movie characters…and really any little figures that they can find.

I remember playing with Fisher Price toys when I was a kid…and even though the Little People look a little different now, my kids are quite familiar with them too!

The Wooden Painted Saints are a good size for the different pieces we have collected over the last 16 years! In fact…the Wooden Painted Saints…are a little closer to the original Fisher Price Little People!

Do you remember the original Fisher Price Little People?

fisher price vintage little people

Well…I figure why not let the kids play with Saints for Little People?

saints in the attic



Bridge playing saints

…or build houses for them out of Lincoln Logs?

lincoln log saints

(…calling on those years in Architecture School…)

or heavenly castles built with Lego for our Communion of Saints!

saints in the castle  the pope on the balcony  lego with the saints

I guess Strawberry Shortcake is a bit of a stretch

…especially for The Upper Room.

saints at the table


Want to paint your own Wooden Saints?

Looking for ways to use the Wooden Saints, converting classic games to be Catholic?

Here’s my Project Portal of Painted Wooden Saints

piano practice




  1. Bernadine Sanche says:

    Thank you so much for this website and what you are doing! Has anyone everyone ever asked you to reproduce the Wooden Painted Saints so that you could sell them as a family business? A priest friend is also looking for these for children to play with, and we would like to buy them also for our grandchildren. In the meantime, what kind and brand of paint did you use? Thank you and God’s blessings, Bernadine

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