a Year of Faith Gift for Teacher

Year of Faith Tower Tumble Teacher Gift Continuing with our series Unique Gifts for Catholic Teachers and Catechists, here is another unique DIY Gift idea!

The Year of Faith Tower Tumble template includes 2 pages of Catechism categories and answers, specially formatted to fit the Jumbling Tower or  JENGA®  blocks.

Regular 1/2″ transparent scotch tape can be used to adhere the little slips of paper to the blocks, without interfering with their smooth removal from the tower during play.

Players may read out the categories for the others to respond with the answers, with each block that they add to build the tower or remove without disturbing the tower.


 ***2015 UPDATE***

Tower Tumble 300px

Tower Tumble

Cathletics Craft Kit

now includes JUMBO Tower Templates!

26 Page PDF Download: $10

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Here’s an awesome tutorial to JUMBO JENGA:  Make Your Own Giant Jenga out of 2x4s!


Year of Faith Tumble Tower

Either the Jumbling Tower or true JENGA® game will work for this activity.  The JENGA® game is definitely easier to put away with the round tin!


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So the cost of this DIY gift for your favorite teacher or Catechist varies with the version of tower game that you buy.

Jumbling Tower or JENGA® : ($8-20)

Tower Tumble Craft Kit: $10 (see the add to cart button above!)

a roll of scotch tape: $1-2

Total Cost: $20-$30

Lasting, Catholic Gift for your favorite Teacher: priceless =)

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