Super Saints: NEW Saints Game!

Top Trumps is a UNIVERSE of cool card games! It’s played kind of like the playing card game WAR, but incorporating and comparing numeric facts of your favorite movie characters, countries, book characters, wonders of the world…

If you are an expert on any of these subjects…you might enjoy testing your skills with Top Trumps!

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LOOK at the selection…anything you can think of…

 Anything  you can think of…



Super Saints Cards NEW RELEASE

…featuring NEW KELLY SAINTS!

We expect that the NEW Cathletics Craft Kit

will be available on July 6th, 2015

…and a limited quantity of printed decks

will be available by July 13th, 2015

just in time for our Parish Totus Tuus kids camp!

Great SUMMER fun!


Learn about the Saints the FUN way!


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Also…do you have a preference? Would you like to buy these

  • as a Craft Kit to print and cut the cards at home or Staples (one pack of 18 at a time)
  • as printed packs of cards (one pack of 18 at a time)
  • deck of 54 cards in a printed box


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  1. How exciting! Obviously, I’m not first in line, but I wanted to attempt to answer your questions about the format I prefer…however, I cannot truly answer without knowing the type of paper used for the already printed cards. If I print at home, I’d use cardstock. If I were to buy them already printed, I’d probably want them to be something a bit more durable, such as the heavy-duty and slightly slick/glossy playing cards purchased in a store (I don’t know if regular Top Trumps cards are printed like that); those tend to be more durable than what I’d print at home. Knowing the price difference would probably be a big factor in my decision, too. Also, is a deck of 18 cards enough to play a game? I’ve never played Top Trumps (don’t know why not – looks fun!), but a quick peek at the video on their website lets me know that theirs have 30 cards each deck. Sorry for all the questions – I’m really excited about these! 🙂

    • Thanks, for your response, Maria!. The Craft Kit is officially released! I recommend printing on card stock, (glossy both sides). That’s how I printed my set and they look really nice! I may even laminate them (I love my laminator).

      If we manage to get them printed in big quantities, they will definitely be official playing card stock, with rounded edges and a printed box.

      The kit has been pretty labor intensive to make (the saints images have been traced from Kelly’s drawings, printed, watercolored, scanned, digitally cut out and placed on watercolor backgrounds, rescanned and reformatted with all the research done for each saint!) Since it comes with permission to copy up to 5 sets, we hope that people will find the $10 price for the PDF reasonable. I will likely do a deal for repeat customers who want to buy the whole set.

      18 cards is enough to play short sets of games (especially while the kids are still learning about the saints)…but definitely with add on packs released later on this summer…it will be even more fun. We hope to release more kits as the kids master the first set!

  2. Katie Brown says:

    These look awesome! I like options… I know that printing at home can be convenient for those that want them quickly, but I also know (from experience) that it is often less costly (between time and supplies) to buy pre-printed. What size would the pre-printed cards be? Like playing card size or slightly larger? Either way, they look great!

    • Thanks, Katie!
      The cards are playing card size! The first craft kit has 18 saint cards…and the craft kit comes with permission to print up to 5 sets! The printed deck will hopefully be available this fall in time for the Meeting of Families, after two additional craft kits (and limited quantities of packs) get released throughout the summer.

  3. Would love to see them as a deck of 54 cards in a printed box!

  4. My daughter would love these! Hope I am among those who have the opportunity to learn from your generosity and creativity!

  5. Kristin branyon says:

    Pick me! I want to be in line! 🙂

  6. Jennifer says:

    Ooh! I want to be first in line for these!

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