Library of How Saints Pray

I’ve been creating my own Masterclass-for-me, researching what the Saints teach us about prayer. I’ve discovered some AWESOME books…some are probably familiar if you’ve ever jumped into Catholic spiritual reading, but some are a little obscure, written by holy men and women, not yet declared saints…a couple of them are still walking around in our time!

This is my secret library of what the Saints taught about prayer. You’ll find some classics, but also some lesser-known gems.

Have you been inspired to pray the way some of your favorite saints prayed?

Have any of these books strengthened YOUR prayer life?

I Believe in Love (Fr d’Elbee about St Therese)

Talking to God Treatises on Prayer St Alphonsus  

The Art of Prayer (An Orthodox Anthology)

How to Pray Like Jesus and the Saints   (Fr McBride)

The Fulfillment of All Desire Dr Ralph Martin 

When the Lord Speaks to your Heart (Fr. Gaston Courtois)

Diary of S Faustina 

On Prayer and Contemplative Life St Thomas Aquinas

The Way of the Heart (Nouwen) 

How to Pray (Fr Grou) 

Way of Perfection St Teresa 

Intro to a Devout Life (St Francis de Sales)

Spiritual Exercises (St Ignatius)

Imitation of Christ (Thomas A Kempis)

Mother Angelica Prayer and Living

Prayer Primer (Fr. Thomas Dubay)

Heroic Habits (Fr Sullivan)
The Dialogue of St Catherine of Siena
Habits of Holiness (Fr Mark-Mary)
Ideas for Prayer (Van Zeller)
Prayer and the Will of God (Van Zeller)
The Secret of the Rosary (St Louis de Montfort)
He and I (Gabrielle Bossis)
The Way of a Pilgrim
The Practice of the Presence of God (Br Lawrence)
The Rule of St Benedict

My Other Self (Clarence Enzler)
The Joy of Full Surrender (Fr Jean de Caussade)
Time for God (Fr Jacques Philippe)
We are Called to be Companions of the Cross (Fr Bob Bedard)

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