Equipping Catholic Families…for Pentecost!

We’re counting the days down until the Feast of Pentecost! The Birthday of the Church!

Are you looking of for some Catholic Crafts or family activities or traditions for this Sunday’s Feast?

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Custom Mary Icon

Recently, I purchased this book Drawing Closer to Christ: A Self-Guided Icon Retreat by Joseph Malham* as I had heard of Icon Retreats before and was excited to try this at home! I created my first icon and posted a little tutorial here: Custom Jesus Icon

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Equipping Catholic Families…for First Holy Communion

I know that this picture is a little fuzzy, but isn’t it cute?

That was Bridget making her first Holy Communion a few years ago. We are now preparing for our 5th kid Adam to make his first Holy Communion this April and I thought I’d share some of our favorite resources!

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Equipping Catholic Families…for First Reconciliation

Adam made his first Reconciliation a few months ago and we took the opportunity to compile our favorite resources to help him prepare. We’re excited to present to you our Catholic Craft Kits that can be used for Sacrament preparation and treasured, Keepsake Gifts!

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Recycling Votive Candles

Do you have a few too many tired/well-used/burnt votive candles lying around the house? We did…and we decided to try recycling votive candles! We gave them new life with leftover wax and stubby candles…along with our favorite watercolored Kelly Saints from this craft kit. After having just released our new Lock Screen Prayer Prompts, I think I might need to recycle a couple more votives and adhere these images with Kelly Saints and Prayer Prompts: which is your favorite here?

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Equipping Catholic Families…with awesome resources for Catholic Moms!

Sorry, the Catholic Mom Bundle is no longer available …but stay tuned for the first ever Easter Catholic Mom Bundle as Lent and Easter approach…

I am participating in the first ever CatholicMomBundle of awesome Catholic resources available for this week only! You will see my Special Edition Prayer Journal Prompts and Prayers craft kit among the 12 e-books, smartphone wallpapers and mom and marriage e-courses.

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Be Yourself! A Journal for Catholic Girls: {Book Review}

I was intrigued about this book Be Yourself: A Journal for Catholic Girls* and thought that it would be just the right thing for 11 year old Bridget. I was right!

Journals and All about Me type books have been pretty popular with my daughters…especially during the tween years! While my older girls still journal, this one is perfect to launch Bridget into thoughtful journaling…and prayer journaling. I just love that this is a Catholic Journal featuring female saints among the prompts and activities.

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NEW! Pocket Prayer Cards

For a limited time, we’ve included the special double-sided template of Kelly SaintsTM  Pocket Prayer Cards in the Prayer-Loom Prayer Book craft kit (PDF) 

renovated and re-released this week at Equipping Catholic Families.

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First Reconciliation Season: 4 Sacrament Craft Kits!

We’re entering Sacrament Preparation time again …with our 5th kid Adam. He’s learning a lot of new things these days!

We’re revisiting our FOUR most recent Sacrament Craft Kits…and I think they’re all going to be helpful this year as we prepare Adam for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion!

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Exciting Announcement!

We’ve finally listed our products over at Amazon!

We’ve listed Super Saints on Amazon!

…Actually, we have listed 24 products over at Amazon!

If you are interested in helping us not look like Amazon newbies by leaving a 5 star rating and review on one of our products that you have purchased and enjoy, email us here with the link to the product with your review and we’ll give you a special 20%OFF code towards one of our Catholic Craft Kit PDFs available at our Arma Dei Shoppe!

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