We Have a Pope {Book Review}

We Have a Pope

We Have a Pope, written by Katherine Bogner and illustrated by Kortnee Senn is an exquisite children’s book explaining how each pope is prayerfully elected, beginning with St. Peter, chosen by Jesus Himself!

The book beautifully describes how the cardinals gather together in the papal conclave to pursue God’s Will in their election for the new pope. Special terms are defined, along with Latin phrases and Scriptural references to St. Peter’s role as pope in the back of the book, with a beautiful Prayer for the Pope.

The illustrations are BEAUTIFUL and include amazing depictions of the process, great likenesses of some key popes throughout history including St Pope John Paul II, and wonderful images inside the Vatican.

This is one of my favorite illustrations from the book showing Jesus naming Peter to be the rock on which the Church would be built: the first Pope!

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