Want to Shop Catholic this year?

I’m aware that some people manage to finish their Christmas Shopping before Advent even starts! I’m in awe.

This year, much as every other year, I’ll probably be racing to the last minute to purchase and wrap all our gifts for our family and friends. How about purchasing some gifts that help spark and build our Catholic Faith? With the following Catholic Gift Guides, you can even support Small Catholic Businesses, while you’re at it.

I’m a little biased…as I’m a contributor to the first three guides listed, but aren’t they beautiful?

A Cozy Catholic Christmas

FIRST UP, A Cozy Catholic Christmas from CatholicInfluencers.com. This is a beautifully-curated catalogue with a unique layout of exquisite, quality Catholic products that will draw your loved ones into liturgical living and devotion! Check out p. 20, 35 and 39! Receive the Digital Catalogue through this link

CatholicMom Christmas Gift Guide

Next, we have CatholicMom.com. I can’t believe that I’ve been a contributor at CatholicMom for 11 years with my first articleWhat No Mom Wants to Hear making its debut in October 2012!
CatholicMom, together with Holy Cross Family Ministries offers Catholic reflections and articles every day and has also curated this beautiful Christmas Gift Guide.
Check out Arma Dei’s contribution in the Planner and Stocking Stuffer sections.

The ‘Buy Catholic’ Christmas Gift Guide

Check out The National Catholic Register ‘Buy Catholic’ Christmas Gift Guide
(Arma Dei is in there too!)

Shortcuts to the Arma Dei Shoppe


A Short Cut to Arma Dei’s Shop for Quizzing Cards: St Nick’s Bundle!

The St. Nick Shoe Stuffer Bundle* includes:

  • 3 decks of Super Saints (Retail: $12/deck)
  • 1 deck of Cathletics Playing Cards* (Retail: $12)
  • 1 deck of Reverence & Awe (Retail: $11)
  • FREE shipping to US or Canada** (Shipping for 5 decks: US:$20; Canada: $18)

Total Retail Value: $78
Limited Time Special Deal: $60 including shipping within US or Canada


Prompt Me to Pray by Monica McConkey
Prompt Me to Pray by Monica McConkey presents practical tips for prayer that can be easily customized to fit our busy lives, habits, daily tasks, and even our struggles. Recognizing our littleness as an inexhaustible source of Prompts to Pray helps us to reach out humbly in prayer when we need Him most and reminds us that God can use all things for good.

Prayer Impressions Journal (and Saints) Stamp Shop

Journal, Planner, Calendar, Consecration and Signature Stamps packed with SAINTS, Seasons, Sacraments, Prayer Prompts and Prayer Counters! We’ve got over 145 Catholic Stamps to choose from!

Catholic Women in Business

(coming soon)

Blessed is She Goodness Gift Guide

Arma Dei is not in this one, but it has a beautiful array of fine Catholic products. =)

and although Arma Dei didn’t make it into this one either =)
The Ultimate Gift Guide from Hallow
offers some awesome treasures as well!

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