We recently renovated our online Arma Dei Catholic Shop with new formatting, and helpful buttons offering shortcuts to carefully-curated products according to Season of the Liturgical Calendar, Sacraments, Saints, Catechism, Prayer, and Prayer Journal Stamps!

We are beginning an exciting campaign to get the word out about our practical, yet kinda profound book Prompt Me to Pray.
We are specifically looking for Catholic Prayer Group leaders who might be interested in reviewing the book as a potential book study or prayer retreat and we are eager to share the resources we have curated that have worked so well at our own local parishes and groups. Contact Monica if you lead a prayer group and are interested in reviewing this book!

And Prompt Me to Pray is one of only three books we offer through Arma Dei. We also have three decks of quizzing cards including our most popular Super Saints!
These make excellent Godchild gifts, Altar Server gifts and prizes, and Sacrament gifts, while they are also great stocking stuffers and surprise gifts that might gently lead loved ones back to the Church.

Our original book A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families, which was actually sifted through by St. John Paul II is a 304 page book offering ideas for activities, crafts and recipes to help families celebrate the various Seasons and Feast Days of the year.

Hand in Hand with Jesus is two Prayer Journals in one!  The first section of the Faith Journal traces the teaching and celebration of the seven Sacraments and the Catholic Faith. The second section of the Faith Journal (“Heart to heart with Jesus”) offers thought-provoking questions and reflections on life and a growing relationship with Jesus.

Next, we have our collection of Saints, Sacraments, Prayer Journal and Consecration Stamps! We have over 140 Catholic rubber stamps to choose from!

And finally, our BRAND NEW Catholic Stickers and Stationary! We are adding listings every day! Watch for some very unique Prompt Me to Pray products that will jumpstart your prayer habits and prayer life!

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