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Great news this morning! Prompt Me to Pray has just been awarded the Seal of Approval by the Catholic Writers Guild! What does that mean? Read all about it here!

and in other news about Prompt Me to Pray…

Lisa M. Hendey SpeakingWe’ve got Lisa Hendey’s Interview with Monica McConkey

I love your book in that it is so interactive. How would you describe it to someone who hasn’t read it yet?

Prompt Me to Pray is a handbook for prayer, or even a playbook (PrayBook!) offering different approaches to heartfelt prayer including journaling and praying out loud, both spontaneous and classic prayers. It offers infinite opportunities for prompts to pray, customized to your unique temperament, state in life, and circumstances. Prompt Me to Pray offers classic prayers (in the prayer vault section) where you can highlight the beautiful devotions that resonate with you. The fully illustrated pocket prayer cards in the back can also be used as visual reminders and prompts to pray.

Prompt Me to Pray  is also a prayer journal. Through journaling pages of writing prompts and prayer starters, you can record your own personal prayers expressing the desire of your heart. By expressing your prayer in your own words and responding to the unique circumstances of your life, you are preparing your own special, customized plan for consistent prayer from the heart.

It’s my hope that Prompt Me to Pray  can be a handy reference tool for your own hand-picked collection of classic devotions, and spontaneous and original prayers from your heart. It could become a handy resource for inspiration to jump start your prayer, whenever needed.

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My Intro to Prompt Me to Pray on CatholicMom

My Prompt Me to Pray PRAYER on CatholicMom from back in 2013:

Jesus, I trust in You.
You want me to draw closer to You,
praying more, engaging more, asking for help instead of struggling on my own.
Please remind me to call out to You and look to Mother Mary as my model.
Please prompt me, remind me, and guide me.

Jesus, be my strength, I trust in You.


Review of Prompt Me to Pray by Lisa Hendey:

If you long for a deeper spiritual life and a more vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ, Monica McConkey’s wonderful work Prompt Me to Pray is the perfect companion for your journey.
By presenting practical prompts to pray, Monica provides a framework to help us encounter God’s presence not only in special moments of formal prayer but in the tiny tasks that fill our busy lives. Phenomenal!

~Lisa Hendey, Founder of and author of A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms, The Handbook for Catholic Moms and The Grace of Yes

Prompt Me to Pray Book Review by Barb Szyszkiewicz on CatholicMom

and a Review of Prompt Me to Pray by Sarah Reinhard:

Be warned: this prayer journal may change your life. Granted, I read it all at once because #reviewerlife but I think that may not be a bad thing. Some journals demand you to write and interact and if you like that, go for it. (I generally don’t.) This one loses nothing in being read in one sitting and it even has a way of planting seeds. Monica shares wisdom gleaned from experience and prayer, and what’s left is something that even those of us non-journalers can use and benefit from. I love the color prayer cards at the end and I’m not lying when I say my prayer has become different thanks to the ideas in this book.

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