Saints Days for JUNE plus secret REVEAL!

Monthly Devotion of June: Sacred Heart of Jesus

June Saints and Feast Days offer awesome opportunities to celebrate our Catholic Faith at HOME! If you’re just getting started…just pick one each month and save the crafts and decor you make and collect for years to come! It doesn’t take much effort to celebrate a Saints Day and enjoy how it becomes a unique family tradition, that your kids will ask for, even when you forget!

Key Feast Days in June:

  • St Justin (June 1)
  • Corpus Christi (June 2)
  • St Peter, St Marcellinus (June 2)
  • St Charles Lwanga & Companions (June 3)


 Cathletics Key Card Craft Kit: Trinity Pack!

June Saints Days!

  • St Boniface (June 5)
  • St Norbert (June 6)

Sacred Heart of Jesus and
Immaculate Heart of Mary: June 7-8

  • St Ephrem (June 9)
  • St Margaret of Scotland (June 10)
  • St Barnabas (June 11)
  • St Anthony of Padua (June 13)
  • St Basil the Great (June 14)


  • Fathers Day (June 18)
  • St Romuald (June 19)
  • St Aloysius (June 21)
  • St Thomas More, St John Fisher, St Paulinus of Nola (June 22)
  • Birth of St John the Baptist (June 24)
  • St Cyril of Alexandria (June 27)
  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help (June 27) Mary Crafts
  • St Irenaeus (June 28)
  • St Peter and St Paul (June 29)
  • First Martyrs of the Church of Rome (June 30)



We are so excited about our brand new, unique design for a St. Joseph Medal. We have lots of plans for future products with this design and hope to keep fostering love for St Joseph as Guardian of the Redeemer and Guardian of Families!


If YOU can’t wait either! Check out The Holy Cloak to St. Joseph 30 Day Novena. It’s super powerful!

The Cloak of St Joseph Visual Devotional is a 24-page booklet presenting this classic devotion asking for St. Joseph’s intercession and protection under his Holy Cloak. The booklet includes nicely formatted offerings, prayers, and supplications, with an extended illustrated cover of prayerful St. Joseph to help focus our prayer and our pursuit of his virtues of humility, patience, gentleness, and faithfulness.

This booklet is quality printed black and white on the inside, with a color inside/outside cover.
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Immaculate Heart of Mary Abacus

It’s Ordinary Time !

Check out Equipping Catholic Families for Ordinary Time at Home!

Prayer Resources

Prompt Me to Pray by Monica McConkey presents practical tips for prayer that can be easily customized to fit our busy lives, habits, daily tasks, and even our struggles. Recognizing our littleness as an inexhaustible source of Prompts to Pray helps us to reach out humbly in prayer when we need Him most and reminds us that God can use all things for good.

Monica shares the Prompts to Pray that she has discovered as she pursues consistent, heartfelt prayer and a personal relationship with Jesus.

The book features different approaches to heartfelt prayer including journaling and praying out loud, both spontaneous and classic prayers. Woven throughout are journaling pages with specific writing prompts and prayers to customize your own personal plan for prayer. Prompt Me to Pray also includes a prayer vault of classic prayers and templates of full color pocket prayer prompts.

How Instagram Helped me Pray

Prayer Transcripts: A New Way to Prayer Journal

10 Tips to Host a Prayer Journal Workshop

Catholic Prayer Bullet Journal tabs and prayers

The Catholic Prayer Bullet Journal


Prayer Journal Stamps in the Prayer Impressions Journal Stamp Shoppe
we now have over 145 Catholic Journaling, Consecration, Accountability, Saints and Prayer Stamps in our Shoppe!

Saints Craft Kits

22 Saint-packed Craft Kits at the Arma Dei Shoppe including:

Saints Crafts:



  • TY Doll Saint Makeovers
  • I Spy…the Saints
  • Felt Saints Tutorial
  • Guess Who?!…the Saints FREE printable!
  • CrackerBox Cathedral Clipart for the Wooden Painted Saints!
  • NEW! Prayer Impressions Journal Saints Stamps!



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