Top Ten List: What To Do With Saints Stamps

1. Stamp every blank paper in sight. Stamp sketchbooks and stationary, notepads and card stock for instant customization with the friendly saints. Cheer up lunch notes, teacher notes and really any friendly correspondence. What doesn’t look better with a Saint stamped on it?

2. Sure, you can stamp letters, notes and cards you send by snail mail, but how about stamping St Anthony¬† (patron saint of finding lost items) to gently guide your envelope through the postal service. Are you familiar with the custom of printing “S.A.G” or “St Anthony Guide on envelopes?

Say it with a Saints Stamp!

3. Catholicize any Daytimer or Calendar, quick as a stamp! Stamp special Feast Days, Novenas…or as a reminder of a special prayer intention!

4. Stamp your favorite books with a Saint! Some books are just too good not to lend out, but you may want them back sometime.

5. The 1.5″ square Saints Stamps are small…and quick to color for a beautiful customized greeting card!6. Stamp a stickie note for your fridge, mirror, medicine cabinet, calendar or front door: somewhere you will definitely see it to remind you of the particular Feast Day!

Saints Stamps on stickie notes…are great for gently reminders about Feast Days, to do lists or prayer intentions. Stamp it with a smile.


7. Saints Stamps are great for Bible Journaling. We hope to add Apostles and Old Testament Bible Heroes to our Saints Stamp collection. Who would you like to see in a stamp? (Leave a comment…to help us choose the next set to release!)

8. Saints Stamps make beautiful bookmarks! We use paint chips for Scripture we’d like to memorize and these make great bookmarks!

If the paper is quite glossy…make sure you allow ample time for the ink to dry! Laminate for extra durability!

9. Stamp your Prayer Journal with your favorite Saint to help you focus or to direct a particular prayer intention. Lend emphasis to your notes on spiritual reading or laminate them into tabs to mark different sections of a book.

10. Saints Stamps Scrapbooking! Add the Saints to your favorite Scrapbook! Perfect addition to the Sacrament Scrapbook or the Prayer-Loom Prayer Book!



  1. Please add St. Benedict and St. Michael the Archangel.

    Thanks for sharing your gift!

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